It’s high time we know more about insurance, let’s meet the founder of Epicure Insurance Brokers Limited, Nigeria, Oyinpreye Aigbogun.

EM got the opportunity to have an interview session with this phenomenal lady, asking detailed questions. Here are her answers!

Tell Us About Yourself

Oyinpreye Aigbogun is an entrepreneur and a seasoned insurance broker. She is the Co-Founder of Epicure Insurance Brokers Limited, Nigeria, and Epicure Business Consultants, UK. She has over 16 years of work experience with deep insight and expertise in the insurance market, locally and across borders.

‘Preye holds a Master’s degree from Manchester Business School, a B.Sc. degree in Estate Management from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Nigeria, and is a Chartered Insurer (ACII) and a Chartered Insurance Broker (ACIB).

‘Preye spent over 10 years in Banking working in various areas covering relationship management, private banking, and investor services. Preye was a critical member of the Bancassurance team of Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc where she actively supported the growth of the business from start-up to revenues in substantial figures in 2014 when the business was incorporated as a separate legal entity.

A recipient of The Nigerian Achievement Awards (2022) in the sphere of Insurance Broking, she is currently an EXCO member of the Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers (Lagos Area Committee), Alliance Manchester Alumni Association, and also sits on the board of various companies.

Preye has excellent communication skills and a proven track record of delivering consistently high standards of service.

Very sociable and driven by a unique sense of purpose to leave an indelible mark in the lives of people, she enjoys quality time with her family, reading books on self- development and her catholic faith, working out, and traveling.


What Does Your Business Do?

At Epicure Insurance Brokers, we add value to lives by providing insurance brokerage, advisory services, and solutions to people who look to enjoying peace of mind and who desire security against unforeseen events.

What Problem Does Your Company Solve?

We solve the problem of worrying about mitigations against uncertainties arising from potential loss or harm.

This we do by providing peace of mind to our clients who worry about securing their lives or the lives of their loved ones against unforeseen events. We also help clients plan against the adverse effect of any upheavals in life.

How Do You Solve Your Customer’s Challenge?

We solve customers’ challenges by helping them plan and make provisions for future events through the risk transfer mechanism of insurance.

We ensure that our clients get the best coverage for their risk exposures.

Who Are Your Ideal Customers?

Insurance pertains to risks and risks pertain to life, so basically, any one who is exposed to risks is our potential client! Our clientele spans across various industries and sectors as well as multinationals, government & non-governmental institutions, and Alumni Associations. We also cater to individual clients and families


Can You Describe/Outline Your Typical Day?

I start my day with my Catholic meditations and quiet time, work out for about 45 minutes, engage kids for school then straight to work, attend meetings, client calls/emails, and so on, with my amazing team.

I wind down in the evenings by catching up with kids and my husband, reading a book, or watching crime series if I don’t have any engagements, work, or denominational meetings.

How Has Being An Entrepreneur Affected Your Family Life?

It is a continuous balancing act but I have to make conscious efforts to slow down and appreciate the most important things in life which is my relationship with God, and time for myself and my family.

What Motivates You?

I am driven by the zeal to leave an indelible mark in the life of everyone I come across. I keep growing and I keep learning so I can pass on the same to others and see them become better versions of themselves. I love to see people rise above the odds to achieve great feats.


How Do You Generate New Ideas?

I read a lot, network, engage players within and outside my industry, meditate/have personal retreats and also keep abreast with market trends.

What Is Your Greatest Fear, and How Do You Manage Fear?

I am not afraid of anything really; innumerable bible verses give me peace in the face of fear.

How Do You Define Success?

Success is living without regrets; it is contentment and being at peace with God, yourself, and your environment.

Do You Believe There Is Some Sort Of Pattern To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur?

It’s no child’s play; you must be ready to learn the ropes, be patient and be consistent in doing the right things.

What is Your Favorite Aspect of Being An Entrepreneur?

Being able to nurture an idea to fruition and being able to see the impact of what you do either as a business owner serving a client or as an employer empowering others

How Did The Idea For Your Business Come About?

The idea was inspired by the various roles in the corporate world spanning over a decade, plus the training and exposure that came with it.

And I also had a vision but felt limited by the environment I found myself in. I knew I needed an outlet where I could implement, and not be afraid to fail or try over and again.

What Advice Would You Give To People Who Want to Become Entrepreneurs?

Don’t be afraid to fail; fail quickly so you can get up and try again because by then you would have twice the experience and also learnt the lesson.  You also need to have a good support system because the road won’t always be smooth

If You Had The Chance To Start Your Career Over Again What Would You Do Differently?

I would invest more in people and the right relationships and also be more sociable. At the end of the day, your network is your net worth

What Would You Say Are the Top Three Skills Needed To Be A Successful Entrepreneur?

Doggedness, confidence, and Consistency

What Entrepreneurial Tricks Have You Discovered to Keep You Focused And Productive In Your day-to-day Busy Schedule?

Be perceptive

Be strategic

Empower your people and delegate!

Who Has Been Your Greatest Inspiration?

Mr. Atedo Peterside – in disruptive innovation, leadership, and humaneness

If You Were To Write A Book About Yourself, What Would You Name It?

Impact! (Because that is what life is about)

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