The brand message is fashionable, unusual and aesthetic. “Soothing and minimally eclectic, expanding a bit more we would say we’re very much into fashion as a whole, specifically anything that falls under colours, style and extreme soft luxury.”

Today’s business feature is Shop Rima. Owned by Rima Onu, Shop Rima is a clothing brand that prides itself as the one-stop brand for fashionable, unusual and aesthetic female clothing.

As a brand that adores simplicity and creative illustrations formed to the imagination, they produce aesthetic fashion pieces that are not only affordable but also perfect for your everyday mood.

From gowns, leather pants, blazers, sweatshirts, wrap dresses to shirts /tops they ensure their dresses fit perfectly with the customer’s description.

From the Boj shirt, the Carino gown, to the Yagi slide slit palazzo pant, all the fashion pieces from Shop Rima will ensure you walk into that venue a baddie, sitting different!

Say hi to Shop Rima here.




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