Today’s business feature is a natural skincare brand based in Ontario, Canada.

Shea Bear is a beauty brand that produces natural skincare products for healthy skin. Their byline “shea butter products handmade with care just for you” shows how much work goes into making duality products for their audience. Launched in 2021 with a mission to bring customers products with ingredients they understand and trust creating intentional skincare appeal, they have released different amazing products all with organic, nourishing and natural ingredients.

EM Small Business to Watch- Shea Bear

With a vision to create a lifestyle of intentional decisions around skin and hair care products using natural ingredients asides from producing these quality organic products, they also educate the tribe on the benefits of the various ingredients that goes into producing these products. With products ranging from natural oils, shea bear body butters, Shea-Avo hair butter, and the sweet peach body butter, they are fulfilling their mission of providing quality organic products and also educating the tribe.

To shop these products, say hi to Shea Bear here


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