Today, we are  Celebrating an amazing 10 years of Jand2gidi and power of collaboration! When women work together, it’s a bond unlike any other.

The New issue of Exquisite Magazine features two beautiful and super intelligent CEOs @mrs_akpata and @kikxpreneur of @jand2gidi as our cover divas. Plus exclusive interview and insights on their success stories, struggles and future plans. If you are a woman in business, then you need to download a copy.
EM Feature- Celebrating 10 years of Jand2gidi

Click link to download the special EM issue focused on celebrating 10 years of Jand2gidi and the power of collaboration.

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Editor in Chief @tewaonasanya

Photography: @poshclick

Wardrobe : @dwl_online

Hair : @angel_hairboss

Makeup: @imabynasa

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