“22nd April to 24th April, The Figurines of the Future” celebrates the future of digital fashion and its synergy with arts and technology concerning the beauty of craftsmanship.

That’s the description and the inspiration behind the upcoming collection of today’s EM business feature; Pepper Row. With a focus on neo-luxury, this brand is bringing consciously engineered sustainable fashion from Africa to Africa and the rest of the world.

Creatively directed by Omafume Niemogha, Pepper Row is building a fashion brand that infuses sustainability with African culture. A clear demonstration of this collection is the soon-to-be-released Figurines of the Future collection according to the creative director is inspired by colorful figurines and the beauty of craftsmanship displayed with hand-painted reclaimed wool buttons on colorful Asooke suits (handwoven fabrics, to wooden figurines with krobo beads made by craftsmen in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Pepper Row has over the past four years created amazing collections that showcase African culture and fashion. In 2020, the brand released the Afrofuturism collection. The collection showcased elegant and simple womenswear pieces and also talked about the need for social distancing during the pandemic.

EM Business Feature - Pepper Row 1

From creating fashion pieces that tell the story of love, magic, flowers, and the beauty of timing, to those that imagine a utopian future through an African lens, and most recently to the Figurines and Future collection that celebrates the future of digital fashion and its synergy with arts and technology, about the beauty of craftsmanship, Pepper Row is creating sustainable fashion pieces using African culture and stories as bylines and inspiration.

EM Business Feature - Pepper Row



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