Little Weavers Is An Inspired Afrocentric Clothing Brand For Young People, That Started In May 2013 after Two Gorgeous Little Girls Wore Tailored Pieces To A Society Wedding That Got The Attention Of The Audience. This Singular Act Sparked The Idea Of Producing Ready To Wear Pieces To An Ever-Growing Market.

We Had A Quick Q And A Session With The Founder, Iniobong

  1. What’s Your Signature Style?

Merging Afrocentric Or Indigenous Fabrics With Urban Materials To Create Unique And Comfortable Contemporary Pieces That Celebrates The Ever-Evolving African Cultural Heritage Through Fashion.

  1. Who Are Your Ideal Target Audience?

Target Market Are Young People Below 20 Years Of Age

Target Audience Are Middle To Upper-Class Families And Academic Entities

Designer Spotlight Is On Iniobong Obinna – Onunkwo, Founder of Little Weavers 1

  1. What’s Been Your Best Moments As A Designer?

The First Fashion Show In 2015, Held In Four Points Hotel With 80 Young (Child) Models From Ages 3 – 17 Years Old, Strutting Confidently On Stage In Glamour And Style To Showcase A Uniquely Different Twist Of Cultural Attires From The 54 Countries In Nigeria. The Joy On The Faces Of The Young Crowd Was Remarkable And Till Date, Unforgettable.

The Second Was Changing The Covid Narratives And Realising The Opportunities Within. The Proceeds From The Sales Of Face Cloth Masks Has Been Used To Pivot Into A Food Delivery Business.

Designer Spotlight Is On Iniobong Obinna – Onunkwo, Founder of Little Weavers 2

  1. What’s Been Your Worst Moments As A Designer?

The Close Down Of The Garment Manufacturing Arm Of The Business In 2018 Which Preferred An Opportunity To Address Issues Of Personal Growth, Operational Systems, Leadership Style And Corporate Governance.

  1. On A Scale Of 1-10, What Has Been Your Response From Customer Satisfaction?

10 Being Most Excellent. We Are Currently On 5 As We Are Currently Building On Our Technical Structures And Hr.

  1. What Makes Your Brand Different From Others?

We Are Telling A Story. An African Story That Will Inspire Other Generations. Our Stories Are Diverse Because Of The Multi-Ethnic Groups Across Africa. This Diversity Is Represented Through Our Fashion Pieces That Celebrates Respective African Tribes.

Little Weavers

  1. Kindly Share Tips To Staying Successful In This Business.
  • Develop A Growth / Positive Mindset… Don’t Try. Just Do It. No Excuses Because It Is All An Energy.
  • Have A Personal And Business Growth Your Vision
  • Have The Right Adaptable Systems And Processes
  • Have A Plan To Invest In Yourself And Your People
  • Have A Discipline
  • Grow Your Community
  • Share Your Story Through Learning And Entertainment
  • Be Authentic
  • Be On Valuable Platforms And Nurture Valuable Networks
  • Trust In God. Trust In The Universe Because You Have A Purpose To Fulfil.
  1. What Advice Will You Give To Start-Ups Who Have Similar Vision As You Do?

There Is No Same Vision Or Similar Vision. Only The Niche Aspect That Needs To Grow. Make Sure It Is Clear, Made To Create Value And It Is Ready To Evolve.

Designer Spotlight Is On Iniobong Obinna – Onunkwo, Founder of Little Weavers 3

  1. Share 5 Fun Facts About You.

My Personality Type Is A Dreamer Campaigner. This Makes Me An Ambivert.

  • I Love Adventures
  • Networking
  • Dancing
  • Travelling
  • Culinary Art
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