You are what you eat! Join Exquisite magazine as we interview Jennifer Chidinma George, CEO of Maifoods. We asked for an interview and she granted it.

 Tell us about you

My name is Jennifer Chidinma George I am a wellness and healthy living advocate with over eighteen (18) years of experience in business development, entrepreneurship, marketing, and public relations.

Also the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, of Maifoods; a healthy foods and lifestyle brand of Megaphaze Mercantile Limited – MML.

 I studied Linguistics and Language Information at Abia State University, Uturu, Okigwe, Abia State, and also having a certification from the Lagos Business Schools and Lagos Chamber of Commerce in “Persuasive Communication” and “Complete Selling Skills” respectively. I am an Alumnae of the Cherie Blair Mentoring Women in Business.

 I am fun-loving, goofy, and family-oriented. Family is everything to me. I am very passionate about helping people, especially the youth harness their potential. I love charity work. I think it is important to give back to society. My faith keeps me grounded and focused.

What does your business do?

Jennifer Chidinma George - CEO Of Maifoods 1

 MaiFoods is a wellness and healthy lifestyle organization. We believe that Food is medicine and that most diseases can be prevented and cured through natural – foods. That being said, we are a trustworthy source of genuine, natural, foods and spices that creates and promotes healthy living using ethical standards.

What problems does your company solve?

 While not trying to brag, we contribute significantly to developing health-conscious people through the integrity of our products and services.

Who are your ideal customers?

Busy mom’s who want healthy, affordable, convenient food products. Individuals with health challenges that are looking for healthy alternatives, or people who want to imbibe healthy lifestyles.

Can you describe/outline your typical day?

 My typical day starts at 5 am with

● Prayers/ meditation

● Then my Neem and Turmeric tea, a bowl of fruits for breakfast

● Office/Business: I formally start work by 8 am. Responding to my email messages, tackle other administrative tasks, meetings, and other business of the day. Am home by 6 pm if there’s no traffic. Unwind by watching a movie and off to bed.

● I  try not to take work home.

How has being an entrepreneur affected your family life?

CEO of Maifoods

Being an entrepreneur changed my family dynamics tremendously in the early stages of the business;  I paid more attention to the business which caused a bit of friction in my marriage, but we developed a rhythm eventually.

What motivates you?

What motivates me? knowing that we are impacting lives positively, seeing the tremendous impact our products and services impact on lives and families.  The beautiful testimonials, the hugs from strangers, and the joy in the voice of people who call to encourage us, keep me motivated to do more.

How do I generate new ideas?

 Listening to people’s health challenges. When I see moms struggling with how to make wholesome meals for their children,  and the shock that children are being fed meals with empty calories.

Very passionate about getting people to make positive lifestyle changes

What is my greatest fear/ how do I manage fear?

My greatest fear would be to die without fulfilling my purpose and living life to the fullest.

How do I manage the fear; I  take a big breath, and look at the situation, talking about it helps me see different perspectives.

How do you define success?

I would say success is meeting a combination of personal and company goals and helping my team do the same.

Do you believe there’s some sort of formula for becoming a successful entrepreneur?

A successful entrepreneur looks at the world, and see possibilities instead of limitations.  Of course, every entrepreneur has to create a set of ethical rules and boundaries to stay true to their purpose and passion.

What’s my favourite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

The euphoria of being able to impact lives positively.

How did the idea of your business come about?

I encountered a medical challenge in 2013, which necessitated working with a naturopath. The success of that experience inspired the development of Maifood’s range of products after observing and studying the feeding patterns, choices, and habits of the elderly in rural areas, who eat foods in their natural state and rarely suffer from the common health conditions found in the urban regions.

What advice will give to people who want to become entrepreneurs?

You must posses a “Can do” and Will not quit attitude”. Once you are at peace with the fact that there will be a lot of “failings ” and mistakes, and learning in your entrepreneurial journey, you’re on your way to success.

● Go for  a business training

● Join a business hub

● Don’t kill yourself trying to re-invent the wheel

● Personal development: Go for training

If you had the chance to start your career over again, what would you do differently?

Smiles! I love what Ido. I started out believing I was a superwoman. My goodness, did I  burn out “YESS. I realised that collaboration is key to growth, I joined a manufacturing business hub, where we held each other accountable,

What would you say are the top 3 skills needed to be an entrepreneur?

 1: creativity: think outside the box, look at problems differently and identify ways to solve them.

2: leadership;  you need to develop your leadership skills to enable you to communicate clear expectations

3: communication; communicate clear expectations to your team

What entrepreneurship skills have you developed to keep you focused?

● Take time out to rest and refresh

● Get a mentor/ accountability partner

● Delegate! Delegate !! Delegate

● and institute structure and processes

Who has been your greatest inspiration?

 My son.

If you were to write a book about yourself, how will you name it?

” The enabler”

Please share your contact address

 Office Address: Oba Lateef Adams Estate, Off Olufeso Street, Iloro Dopemu Street, Iloro Dopemu, Lagos.

Phone no: 08024245004,  08030510665, 09156301875

 IG: Maifoodsonline

FB: 04



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