Over the last few years, the Nigerian photography industry, previously dominated by men began to experience the rise of female photographers. Thriving in their craft, these women have made several accomplishments, from working with the international design authority; Architectural Digest, and other reputable companies in the continent, getting featured on the New York Times to taking some of the best images in Nigeria, these women are steadily redefining photography in Nigeria.

To celebrate the 2022 International Women’s Day, we curated a list of female photographers we think you should be familiar with. These women are changing the narrative as they are thriving in a previously dominated male industry. For us, they have displayed the theme of this year’s IWD; Break the Bias, as their images have one time or the other brought us clarity on life, nature, and societal subjects.

1. Bamidele Oluwapelumi

Bamidele Oluwapelumi is a published photographer and member of the black women photographers. A creative artist driven by a constant need to express herself through interesting and well-thought photographs, she has worked on major projects from fashion magazines, editorials, look books, street styles photos, and even runway shoots. The international photographer with a major focus in reflecting elements of art, fashion, and beauty has worked with national and international brands including Access Bank, L’oreal, Detail Africa, Just Afang among others.

2. Eleanor Goodey

Eleanor Goodey is a Paris-trained Nigerian portrait photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria. With a knack for exploring light and shadows, she dives into portraits, food, and product photography. Her list of clientele includes both national and international reputable brands including Access Bank, Coca-Cola, Interswitch among others. Her famous works are the beautiful mother-child portraits, all of which display her eye for color.

3. Iyesogie Ogieriakhi

A visual storyteller and content creator, Iyesogie Ogieriakhi is passionate about creating visuals that tell a certain story. Her works are aimed at capturing beauty, essence and soul. Her works include editorial shoots for brands, birthday portraits, and lifestyle campaigns. Also an artist, she makes art about everyday life infusing her huge dose of creative energy into each piece.

4. Yagazie Emezi

Talk about unusual creativity and you have Yagazie Emezi. The photojournalist, NatGeo explorer, and canon ambassador are definitely one of the photographers to get familiar with. Her works addressing the identities of the “black” and “women” are available on exhibitions in Nigeria, St.Louis grand center for the arts, Los Angeles, and all over Africa. Her photo journals  seek to address the various ills of society. Her work on the oil pollution in Ogoniland in the Niger Delta aimed at restoring the mangroves destroyed by oil pollution in the area made it to the front page of the New York Times in 2021.

5. Aisha Ife

Aisha Ife is what you can call a creative masterpiece. A creative product and product photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria. To create timeless images that speak for her clients, she infuses her creativity into all her photos. She currently has five personal editorials; Eso, The Gele Series, Skin Series, Melanin and Colours- Reds, Melanin and Colours – Contrasts. She is one of those photographers who make money off Lagos buildings as she takes breathtaking photographs of Lagos structures and turns them into a high-quality landscape illustration printed with archival ink where she sells from her print store.

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