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When it comes to the kitchen, there are various kinds of equipment’s that require different cleaning methods. Most people stick to one method of cleaning for all kitchen utensils for various reasons. For best results and sanitary purposes, below are a few methods of cleaning for separate kitchen items.

Sanitary Kitchen tips

Change your kitchen towels frequently

Use disinfectants when cleaning with mops or rags

Sanitise hands after touching raw food

Always wipe kitchen surfaces and slabs after cooking

Keep the doors closed to keep out flies

Change your washing sponge or scrubs before they start to wear out

Stainless steel. Cooking with stainless steel cookware has more chances of having burnt food residue at the bottom of the pot or pan. An effective way to wash is by soaking the ware in warm soapy water for a few minutes, before washing. This enables the hard and crusty food residue to soften and completely come off during wash.

Chopping boards. An effective washing method is by using water and detergent or liquid kitchen soap. It is important to sanitise chopping boards before and after use, this helps get rid of residue stuck between grooves on the board.

Wooden equipment’s. A wash with soap and water does the magic when cleaning wooden equipment’s, however avoid soaking in water, as this could change the structure of the equipment.

Cast iron pans. When cleaning these kinds of pans, soap may not be the best option due to the amount of seasoning used on the pan. Pour salt and warm water on pan, while using an iron sponge to scrub off all forms of residue. To avoid rusting, dry the pan properly before storage.

Written by Ifeanyin Okpala

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