The SRS Collection is a luxury, health, and wellness hospitality group specialized in the art of curating Wellness and Lifestyle Escapes for the Business Traveler and Leisure Seeker. The group boasts of 3 stunning properties in the heart of Lagos. 

The SRS Collection brand is synonymous with scenic views, tasteful luxury, design sophistication, and service quality.

Imagine a home-away-from-home not only defined by sophisticated style and luxurious finishes but equipped to deliver premium 5-star services and experiences that make a statement. Their spaces are an eclectic mix of modern, bold aesthetics and minimalistic design. SRS Collection is the perfect lifestyle escape.


The Seattle Residences and Spa

SRS Collection 1

SRS Collection 2

SRS Collection

Elegantly Furnished Apartments with an Open and Light-Filled Living Area, Dining Room, Fully Fitted Top of the Line Kitchen, Luxury En-suite Bedrooms, and a Breathtaking Terrace Overlooking the Lagos Skyline. The Seattle Residences and Spa is located in the heart of Lagos, Victoria Island, and features 16 units of 3 bedrooms apartments, 4 penthouses, a 24- hour fine-dining Restaurant, and a Spa. In addition to this, the property has premium Technogym facilities with a beautiful swimming pool.

ClayHall by SRS

SRS collection

Clayhall by SRS is a luxury serviced property located in the heart of Lagos, Ikoyi. 

Clayhall is a tastefully furnished 3-room suite, it is a perfect blend of modern architecture, indulgent home comforts with state-of-the-art appliances, and breathtaking views.

It also has a 24-hour contact center, dedicated butler service where required, a well-equipped fitness center, and world-class amenities. Looking for the perfect home-away-from-home experience, Clayhall is a good fit.

Some of the amazing features of Clayhall by SRS; are 5 units of 3 bedroom suites, uninterrupted power, concierge service, a pool, and a fully equipped gym.

Pier Harbour by SRS

SRS collection

SRS Collection 3

SRS collection

Pier Harbour by SRS is a stunning property in one of the coziest parts of Lagos. It has a stunning waterfront. The property has beautifully furnished 3 bedroom suites with a Penthouse and well-manicured greenery. This property is one of the newest additions to the SRS Collection Group.

Visit Pier Harbour and experience the best in personalized lifestyle and wellness in this tastefully designed space, it is an actual Home-Away-from-Home.

Some of the exciting features include; 12 units of 3 Room Suites, Concierge Service, a fully equipped gym, WiFi, and laundry services.

The Goodlife Restaurant

SRS Collection 4

SRS Collection 5

SRS Collection 6

SRS Collection 7

SRS Collection 8
The Goodlife restaurant is a member of the SRS Collection.

An upscale restaurant redefining fine dining with a beautiful waterfront. It is a perfect place to host any occasion. With a delicately curated menu of specially prepared food, varieties of cocktails, and a good atmosphere.

The Goodlife restaurant is a great place to create memorable Chef’s Table and Food Tasting experiences for groups looking to have something different from the usual


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