Nollywood’s sweetheart Rita Dominic covers OpenCountry Magazine March issue for 2023 and she is absolutely breathtaking.

This issue celebrates the star’s glowing reputation and a 25-year flourishing career of variety that sets her apart.

She had this to say during the interview as the cover star for the magazine

“Sometimes you think people don’t get it but it doesn’t matter. You continue to do it because you love doing it so much.

Rita Dominic Covers OpenCountry March Issue

“Then one day someone takes their precious time to write a detailed profile of 25 years of you and the thing you love so much. That’s when you realize that some people do see it all, every single bit of it.”

Nothing beats your work being seen especially for an actor.”

Rita Dominic Covers OpenCountry March Issue

According to the publication:

“Rita Dominic has had a singular career in Nollywood, attaining the trifecta of actorly relevance: the adoration of viewers, the acclaim of critics, and the admiration of peers.”

“Watch her stilled face as Sussie sits dressed up on the balcony, waiting for her husband, and a soldier approaches on a bicycle, and more soldiers follow in a van, and, just as cycling soldier reaches her compound, force him to follow them. Watch her tentatively stand, hand still on waist.

Rita Dominic Covers OpenCountry March Issue

Watch the later scene where she slowly turns as a soldier walks her and her baby away, watch her nod thank-you to her neighbour. It is flawless minimalist acting, her internal conflict manifesting in tiny external details.”

Writer: @otosirieze

Cover photo (in red): @the_ovia

Carousel photos: @the.alfe

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