Ace comedian and actor, Bovi will star in Play Network Studio’s anticipated remake of 1994 supernatural horror, ‘Nneka The Pretty Serpent’.

Nneka the pretty serpent
Bovi Ugboma

Bovi, who plays the character, Inspector Daniel, will star alongside Beverly Naya, Beverly Osu and Ndidi Obi (who played the lead character in the classic film).

While speaking about his role, Bovi hinted that it wouldn’t be a comic role, as his character is a “serious” cop. He also revealed that he begged the movie producers for the role.

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This would make this role a relatively new one for both Bovi and his audience that have grown accustomed to his comic characters and his comedy career.

Bovi, whose last movie project involved him playing the male lead in the Romcom, ‘It’s Her Day’ says he’s hopeful that the finished movie will come out great.

Nneka the Pretty Serpent is set to hit the cinemas on December 18.

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