Discover Naturally Tribal Skincare – a natural, vegan, ethically sourced chemical-free skincare range of Nigerian heritage that uses only Mother Nature’s gifts to create a range of innovative, enriching and nurturing skincare products for the whole family.

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Naturally Tribal Skincare was founded by pharmacist, Shalom Lloyd following the birth of her twins, Naturally Tribal Skincare was born from personal experience. Her son Joshua had miserable eczema – ‘scratch ’til you bleed’ irritation – and she couldn’t bear the idea of smothering his sensitive new skin with chemical emollients and steroids. Shalom looked to her Nigerian heritage and started to experiment using high-quality Shea butter as a base, stumbled across the right formulation and within three days of application, Joshua’s skin was softer and the scratching had significantly reduced.

Naturally Tribal, The Story Of A Skincare Range Created Using Mother Nature. 1

Shalom needed to find a sustainable and quality source of Shea butter and other natural ingredients. This search led her to the Kingdom of Essan in Niger State, Nigeria where the company collaborates with the women of Essan by sourcing their ingredients from this community in an ethical and sustainable manner, providing the infrastructure needed to ensure quality and the training that will help them progress.

Naturally Tribal, The Story Of A Skincare Range Created Using Mother Nature. 2Discover a range of natural, vegan, ethically sourced and synthetic chemical free skincare range that contains 100% natural ingredients carefully sourced in Africa and made with love in the UK and now coming full circle back to the source!

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