Media Personality, Morayo Afolabi-Brown, who anchors the programme ‘Your View’ on TVC, shares her experience during the attack at the TV station in a new video.

She recalls how she told her co-hosts prior to the last show that it might be their last episode to air, but that they must “speak the truth to power” about the Lekki Massacre.

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In the video description, she says:

“The part I missed in the video is that Tope’s car got burnt. I thought mine was burnt too until my driver brought it home the next day. He had fled like everyone else but since he lives in the neighbourhood and recognised some of the guys, he went back to get the car. They attacked him in the car, smashed all the front, back and side windows. They damaged other parts of the car while he drove through them and escaped with the car. He kept it somewhere and brought it back the next day.” – Morayo Afolabi-Brown

Watch the video here:

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