We are all work in progress but born to win.

At the begining of Dec 2017, I did a re-evaluation of myself and realised that I needed to drop some habits, take on new ones, embody the Tewa I need to be to achieve my goals, to live my life intentionally.

You can do an evaluation of yourself, because for you to have a million dollars, you cannot keep putting in the hours of one hundred dollars. Some things need to change.

It could be to dress better, think better thoughts, speak with more confidence, learning more about your field, working extra hours, waking up earlier, managing your finances better…. the list goes on. Identify habits that do not serve you and be disciplined enough to focus on the change you need to get your own results. We are all born to win, it just depends on how much you want it. Cheers to our successes. Xo Tewa

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