Mindset shift with Tewa 1
Say it like you mean it!

I am too faithful to fear.
I will faith everything and Rise!!!

#faitheverythingandrise that’s the meaning of fear to me.
The mind has a way of trying to bully you into thinking you are not where you should be and gets you worrying about what nots and afraid of tomorrow.

Who’s to say you are not where you ought to be? Who is counting the time and watching the clock??? Do you know where you are supposed to be? Are you prepared for where you think you are supposed to be?

Don’t let fear creep into your mind and subconsciously trick you into being fearful. Watch your own clock and make your waves at your own pace. Yes life is a race, kind of, but the race is with yourself, to better yourself. Not with someone else. I strongly believe we are all born to win and I will faith everything and Rise, will you? Cheers to our successes. Xo Tewa

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