Arise and Rule Your Mind.
Work on your dreams till they come true. Wishing for it will not bring it to reality. By the way, wishing for it, is thinking about your dreams with worry and that will not bring that dream to a reality, instead it will give more things to worry about.
But, taking action, inspired action, getting excited about your goal, being happy knowing it will come to you, being grateful for your journey and knowing that your success is inevitable, will bring your dream to you. You just have to believe and #faitheverythingandrise.
Taking action also does not mean struggling to get it. We have to learn to work smart. Leave habits that are not serving your higher purpose. Change your self talk with #affirmations ,  Do the task you know you should be doing but procrastination and fear won’t let you be queen or king.
It’s time to face your goals head on and make them happen. You deserve it, I deserve it, we are already blessed to see this day, let’s make it count. Remember, we are all born to win. Cheers to our success.
Xo Tewa
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This is book is for Queens and Kings who are ready to take charge and live their lives on their own terms.
Trust me when I type that, the life you desire is also desiring you, you just need to re-style (reprogram, change) your mindset to live it. ?
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