Be bold enough to do anything you desire. The doors will open to those who are bold enough to knock, seek, ask, believe and act.

Knocking is an action

Asking is an action

Seeking is an action

Believing is an action

Stop playing “warm up” with your goals by not exercising your thoughts, plans and faith with action. You need to get the work out (action) in motion! Enough warm up sessions.

The clock is still ticking; you need to be working on your vision. In fact, a new year can start for you anytime you become AWARE!

Are you bold enough? –  Be bold.

You need to be bold to get to your next level. Take what you deserve by force. By force means believing without a doubt that you deserve it, by force being facing the fears and feeding it with faith. Fight the good fight of faith (1Timothy 6:12). So much faith that the fear fades away.

By force means killing that procrastinating thought and just go and do it.

By force being holding on to what God said about you not what other people think.

Who knows you better than you? No one but you! Be bold.

You need to do that with all you can. Be bold to ask for anything you desire. Your dreams are valid. I mean what’s the best that can happen? What’s the best case scenario? If you get a no, learn and keep it moving.

Sometimes you have to talk to yourself very sternly, so you intentionally change and shift your focus.

This quote says be bold enough to fight for your dreams. Fighting for it doesn’t mean fighting other people or competing against other people.

Fighting for it, means you fighting the battle in your head and winning in your mind, with you having the upper hand to control your thoughts and your mind to bring it into your reality.

Don’t be bullied by your mind, your mind will always believe what you tell it to and what you affirm to it, by how you feel about that thought. So if you are fearful and exerting negative thoughts of ‘can’t do it’, ‘will it succeed?’, your mind will trick you into believing that you definitely can’t not do it.

If on the other hand, you do the opposite and say to yourself, ‘I can do it, I will win this’, and have that great believe with the feeling of joy like you have already achieved this goal, then watch everything shift to help you attain that goal. You will start getting inspired thoughts of action that you can take, ideas will begin to flow to you and you will wonder what you were worried about in the first place.

Fight that good fight of faith. I say faith everything and rise, with the thought of only the best can happen. Be bold enough to pray about it, be bold enough to ask for what you want, be bold enough to believe that as you have asked, it is on its way to you and be bold enough to act on your inspired ideas and action them.

We are all born to win. Be bold enough to put into action your plan. May God make our plans succeed. Amen.

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