By Yemi Lawal

Labzy Lawal

Hip Hop! What More Can I Say About Your Beauty, An Artistry That Ignites The Soul, A Touch And Breathe Of GOD. Many A Time I Cogitate On What Grand Master Flash And His Buddies Had In Their Minds And Hearts When They Birthed This Beauty And Perfection, Was It A Beautiful Woman In A Slow Rhythmic Movement Of Some Sort, Was It Narcotics, Was It The Desperation Of Men Hungry For Success Or The Brisk Nature Of The African Wordsmith Tongues They Carried And The Vibe In Their Genes. In My Opinion, It Must Have Been The Beautiful Woman.

She Calms The Pulse Of My Heart This Beautiful Woman Of Hip Hop, She Sways And Sways In A Calculated Manner And That Brings Me To The Topic Of Today, The Introduction To Hop Fu; A Blending Of Two Arts. This Woman of Hip Hop Is My Teacher and Though Feminine She Brings Out the Masculinity in Me, That Masculinity for Focus, Strength, Endurance and Self Defense. Come To Me Woman Of Hip Hop, Break My Bones To Make Them Stronger, Feed Me To Make Me Stronger And More Swift, Train Me To Be Light Weight But Heavy, Bless Me With A Permanent Eureka.

What Is Kung Fu, Kung Fu Is a Locomotive Skill Achieved Through Hard-work And Practice. Its, Permit Me To Explain In A Nigerian Relatable Pun, A Movement Of Life! Again And Again This Woman Comes To ME, Again And Again She Trains Me To Be Smooth, To Be Suave, To Be Disciplined Fight For Her, I Fight For Us With Feet, Hands Or Blade. Kung Fu Entails Balance And Inspiration Because It’s An Art Just Like Hip Hop, The Much More In depths Of It Can Be Explained By This Woman But Really Though Is There Really More Logic To What I Her Apprentice Has Cited, I Don’t Think So. Kung Fu Is Divided Into Five Styles Based On The Five Animals Of The Shaolin Culture, They Are The Tiger Style, The Snake, The Crane, The Leopard And The Dragon. For Me Personally I’ve Mastered All And United Them Into My Own Completeness With Myself As My Own Ferocious Animal Which This Woman Of Hip Hop Has Taught Me To Control.

From The Moment I Watched A Flick Of The Afro Samurai Anime This Article Had Birthed In My Mind And This Woman Of Hip Hop Has Been Visiting Me, She Has A Prowess I Can’t Ignore, A Rhythm I Can’t Comprehend And She Carries A Captivating Soul. She’s Black This Woman Of Hip Hop, Yes She’s Black Alright. All That Curve, All That Completeness, All That Inertia That Leaves Me Helplessly Spell Bound, Teach Me To Defend Your Honor Oh Woman Of Hip Hop, Please Teach Me Everything. We Clash A Few Times And Get At Logger Heads With Each Other, But Her Perfection Calms Me Like A Brush Of The Cool Evening Wind Against My Flesh, Or The Revitalizing Words Of GOD.I Understand Her Language This Woman Of Hip Hop As We Speak Geronimo Because She’s A Gerone As So Am I.

So Really What Is Hop Fu, Is It That Staunch Eruption Of Power I Feel In My Head When I Take A Gulp Of This New Found High I Have Found In Living Water Which Is The Very Water Of GOD Or My Ability To Mentally Defeat A Macho Man In Split Seconds By Spotting His Weaknesses Using Imaginations Galvanized By Good Hip Hop Music. Hop fu Is Both I Tell You My Ardent and Captivated Readers, Hop Fu Is Both.

In Buddhist Tradition Which Is The Principal Tradition Of The Shaolin, There Are What You Call Chakras And These Are Energy Points Or Knots In The Subtle Body, These Chakras Are Located At The Physical Counterparts Of The Major Plexuses Of Arteries, Veins And Nerves. They Are Seven These Chakras, The Crown Chakra For Understanding And Will, The Third Eye Chakra For Imagination, The Throat Chakra For Power, The Heart Chakra For Love, The Solar Plexus Chakra For Wisdom, The Splenic Chakra For Creativity And Order And At Seventh, The Root Chakra For Life, Lest I Forget, Each Of These Chakras Honor Spirituality, Psych-ism, a Communication, Emotion, Life Force, Creativity And The Earth Respectively.

Long Story Short, A Man That Has Attained A Level Of Aura, Anointing And Focus To Harness All Seven Chakras At Once In A Perfect Harmony And Stability Is A Very Powerful Man. How Can This Be Done You May Ask? One, Through Constant Prayers To GOD Or Consistent And Focused Meditation On The Word Of GOD (Two) Through The Application Of An External High Aura Or Ether Filled Sanctified Liquid Like Holy Water Or Anointing Oil (Three) Repeated And Constant Resonation Of Or Physical Contact Of The Aura Of One Who Has Harnessed This Power Perfectly With The Aura Of One Who Hasn’t As Much.
So To Speak, Man Being Tripartite Of Body, Soul And Spirit, These Chakras Are The Link And Bridges Of Connection Between The Three Individual But United Elements As Spirit Is Power Or Energy, Soul Is Beauty And Innocence And Body,*sigh* Body Is Actually Strength.

Speaking On Hop fu And Not Ignoring Others, A Notable Hip Hop Gathering That Has Successfully Depicted This Blending Of Both Arts (As Cited To Me By My Brother From Another Mother Dwayne B) Is The Wu Tang Clan, An American Hip Hop Group Who First Came To Polarity In 1993 After The Release Of Their Independent Single ‘Protect Ya Neck’ (A Very Hop Fu And Self Defense Oriented Name For A Record If You Ask Me). The Wu Tang Clan Practiced This Hop Fu Art but Didn’t Have a name For It at that time I Tell Ya and They Were Applauded for It World Wide.

To Wrap Things Up After I Believe I Have Enlightened You Enough With This Topic Of Great Blandishment And Cajolery, This Art Hop Fu Is One Which Should Be A Habituated By Any And Every For Its Value Of Fun An d Discipline. This Consuming Woman Of Hip Hop Mutters Into My Ears Again So I Have To Go For Now But I Do Not Leave You Disconsolate, Tap Into All I Have Written In This Article By Downloading The New Record From Me And Also The Soundtrack To This Article ‘I’LL BE IN TOUCH’ Produced By RAY-X THE GREAT People.

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