Here’s calling all the wealthy enthusiasts for an opportunity you
wouldn’t want to miss!!

@gusitobby will be hosting the inaugural edition of the Business Brunch
w/ Gusi Tobby. The theme of this year’s edition is Networking,
Personal branding and Strategic Positioning for Wealth Creation.

The business brunch is aimed at creating the wealth mindset for all
participants and a blueprint of how to create wealth through strategic
positioning, networking and personal branding.

There will be intellectually stimulating conversations from thought
leaders and speakers across Africa including @_linusokorie
@chin_way @ifedurosinmietti @sola_adesakin
and @ifeoma_uddoh

The discussions will not only give an opportunity to engage with, but
also learn a lot from accomplished and intelligent entrepreneurs and
thought leaders.

Register to attend virtually at [2] or
visit the link in the bio @businesbrunch

Special guests: @alex_unusual  @kaffydance  @beautytukura
@Folukemichael @lerikakleinhans
@majeayidaofficial and a host of others.

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