If your toenails aren’t currently painted in a shade of white nail polish, then you are definitely missing on the white nail polish trend. But we are here to set you on the right track before the year runs out.

The white nail polish has been in vogue this year and a lot of women have been spotting the trend. This is because the colour white is pristine, classy and stands out. it’s no wonder the trend has received a lot of attention, as every woman wants to feel elegant and fashionable.

The average person might look at a stack of white nail polishes and think they’re all the same, but there are actually different shades of white and we would be highlighting the top 5 best shades:

White-Pink: It’s a mixture of white with just a tint of pink, to create a creamy and ethereal nail polish.

Bleach White: This hue is blindingly white. That bright white you get from bleaching your white shirts. It’s a classic and looks good any time of the year and on any skin tone.

Shimmery White: This is a nude-white, infused with flecks of gold glitter that peek through when you apply a coat or two.

Marshmallow White: This color is named after the confectionary “Marshmallow”. It’s definitely a sweet color just like the name implies.

Opaque White: This color is crisp, flat and opaque, making it the perfect base color for a nail art design or a shimmery topper.

if you haven’t already jumped on the white nail polish trend, you should definitely try it out this festive season.

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