Introducing FTK~Konnect Events, an internationally renowned wedding and event planning company with a passion for creating unforgettable experiences. With 17 years of industry expertise, FTK~Konnect has become a trusted name in the world of event planning. Led by the talented Feyikemi Kukoyi, also known as FTK, the team at FTK~Konnect is dedicated to bringing fantasy to life.

FTK~Konnect prides itself on delivering seamless planning and exceptional customer service, ensuring that every event is stress-free and flawless. With a background in business technology administration, FTK brings a unique blend of creativity and organizational skills to the table. Recently, FTK~Konnect wowed the city of Lagos with an extraordinary event, The Bond With Me 007 Series, held in the prestigious neighbourhood of Ikoyi. The night was filled with elegance, luxury, and unforgettable moments.

Specializing in both personal and corporate events, FTK~Konnect offers a comprehensive range of services. Let’s dive into her interview and learn more about her craft.

Enchanting Moments as FTK~Konnect Events Bring Dreams to Life 1

Tell us about yourself and your brand

Hello everyone, I’m Feyikemi Kukoyi, aka FTK, an international wedding and event planner with 17 years of experience. Known for curating unforgettable events like The Bond With Me 007 Series, my team and I blend fantasy with reality to create spectacular experiences.

At FTK~Konnect, we’re dedicated to providing seamless planning and world-class customer service to ensure stress-free events. With a background in business technology administration, I bring a unique skill set to the table.

Balancing my roles as a wife, mother, and MBA student, I stay updated on industry advancements through conferences and literature. As a founding member of the National Society of Black Wedding and Event Professionals, I’m committed to mentorship and professional development.

Through initiatives like WebbyFTK, I share insights into event planning on social media. My work has been recognized in various publications, and FTK~Konnect Events received the State of Maryland and Governor’s Citation award in 2017.

What does your business do and how did it start?

Our business is an event and wedding planning-based service. It is a professional service that helps individuals or organizations organize and execute various events, with a specific focus on weddings. This includes coordinating details such as venue selection, catering, décor, entertainment, and logistics to ensure the event runs smoothly and meets the client’s expectations. It started many years ago; however, 17 years ago it officially kickstarted with a fabulous princess-themed one-year-old party planned to perfection for my daughter.

Enchanting Moments as FTK~Konnect Events Bring Dreams to Life 2

What is your favourite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur specifically into wedding and event planning, my favourite aspect of being an entrepreneur is the creative freedom to design unique and memorable experiences for my clients. Additionally, the satisfaction of turning visions into reality and helping people celebrate significant moments is a rewarding aspect of my entrepreneurial journey.

How has being an entrepreneur affected your family life?

Being an entrepreneur can impact family life in various ways. For me, it has mostly been a positive effect on my family life. It has given me the flexibility I need to run my business although it also involves long working hours and occasional stress. Balancing work and family commitments becomes crucial, and my family may experience both the rewards and challenges associated with my entrepreneurial endeavours.

Konnect Events

You recently did an event in Lagos, Nigeria? Tell us about it.

On February 14, 2024, the Bond With Me 007 Event Series dazzled Lagos with the luxurious love experience at Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. Held at the magnificent Thompson Avenue, the star-studded affair was attended by renowned personalities in the entertainment industry. It was beautifully hosted by the charming Osas Ighodaro and the hilarious Bovi, attendees were captivated by their wit and charm as they guided the event. The Bond With Me 007, Lagos Royale event boasted exclusive sponsorship by Malta Guinness, Nestle, Dara Naturals, and BWC Hotel. The evening kicked off with musical performances by the Vesta Orchestra and dance performances by Eno Agency. The charismatic internationally acclaimed Ritzy By Kara & Amanda Dara set the stage as the black carpet hosts, welcoming guests to a night of glamour and excitement, while notable media houses, including Spice TV and News Central, captured every moment, highlighting its significance in the entertainment industry. Distinguished guests included Chioma Ikokwu, Co-founder of Good Hair LTD; Matopeda King, the founder and creative director of Matopeda Atelier; Noble Igwe, Filmmaker and CEO of 360nobs; Medlin Boss, Creative Director and founder of the Medlin Couture brand; Reality TV star, Lucy Edet and other esteemed personalities.

What was one of the challenges in planning the Maiden Edition of Bond With Me 007 in Lagos?

One of the main challenges for the Maiden Edition of “Bond With Me 007” in Lagos was establishing the event’s presence in the local “Lagos” market so to speak. Convincing the populace and established businesses to embrace a new event concept that has been wildly successful in the United States and aligns with the vision posed a notable and particularly challenging aspect of the planning process. Overcoming this hurdle required creative marketing strategies and effective communication to build trust and interest in the event within the Lagos event space. Despite its apparent simplicity, overcoming this challenge proved to be a substantial undertaking, necessitating the concerted efforts of a dedicated team to achieve the eventual success we experienced.

Who has been your greatest inspiration and what motivates you?

Honestly, I draw inspiration from many resources such as successful industry professionals, influential designers, and even personal experiences. For me, motivation often stems from a passion for creating memorable moments and bringing clients’ visions to life.

Konnect Events

What advice would you give to people who want to become entrepreneurs?

Absolutely! As someone who’s walked the entrepreneurial path, here’s the advice I’d offer:

  • Follow your passion; Build a business around something you genuinely love and believe in. It’ll fuel your drive even when times get tough.
  • Take the time to thoroughly understand your market landscape, competitors, and potential hurdles before leaping.
  • Develop a solid business plan, Set clear goals, identify your target audience, and map out strategies for success. Consistency is key to staying on track.
  • Navigate risks wisely, Entrepreneurship involves risk, but smart decisions and calculated risks can help minimize potential downsides.
  • Embrace setbacks, view failures as opportunities for growth, and cultivate resilience to overcome challenges that come your way. It’s all part of the journey to success!

If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it?

There is honestly a long list of books I could write because, in this 17-year journey, the “ups” and downs” of this entrepreneurial journey have been too real! LOL! Here are some book titles for ya…strap up for these: “Crafting Memories: A Decade and Seven Years in Event Entrepreneurship”. “Entrepreneurial Symphony: Harmonizing Challenges and Celebrations”. “From Chaos to Elegance: A Chronicle of Entrepreneurial Grace”. “Eventful Entrepreneurship: Tales of Passion, Perseverance, and Celebrations”. “Journey of Joy: Navigating Entrepreneurial Peaks and Valleys”

Konnect Events

Please share the contact details you wish to be made public.

@FTKKonnect & @WebbyFTK across all social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter”X”, Snapchat, TikTok, Threads etc. Our website is and our toll free number is 1833.FTK.LINE (385.5463) Nigerian Business Line is 0809.873.1291


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