Skinologist is new line of beauty product is being launched by Lilian Arigbodi, the CEO of Lilian Collins Ltd. She is one of the 2 pioneers of the beauty industry that operated with the CACI (Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument) non surgical face lift machine and began to offer needle free mesotherapy in the 2013.

EM Feature - Skinologist set to launch in Nigeria by Lilian Collins Ltd 1

EM Feature - Skinologist set to launch in Nigeria by Lilian Collins Ltd 2

Lilian is passionate about beauty and skincare with further trainings abroad, which exposed her to a better professional practice.

Currently, her organization operates in a 5 room MEDI SPA space where they provide non-surgical version treatments with six proficient and efficient staffs. Their services include:









One of the things Lilian found to be challenging was the lack of good and reliable work force, which resulted to her training and equipping new employees with skills to help them. Another problem that needed tackling according to her is the issue of mixing different creams; ‘someone can make up and just mix different creams simple because something was read from the internet thereby putting elements or acids they have no business with which is extremely scary’. She attributes one of the secrets to her success to the use of a combination therapy and different means of treatment, to achieve amazing results, which gives her joy getting her clients satisfied.

Lilian’s vision for LILIAN COLLINS LTD (LILIAN COLLINS SPA & SKINOLOGIST brands) is to continue being a pace setter and work harder with the few practitioners to set a revolution, for change in the beauty industry. Instead of fighting and competing against each other, she believes in joining forces and work for growth.

Her key advice to people who want to get into the industry is to consider their passion before money. Also, “take courses to improve in the particular industry and be knowledgeable about it. Get a mentor: I had a Jewish-British mentor who had been practicing for over 16 years at that time; she always made herself available to help whenever I had any issue regarding work. Set a high work ethics. Read books or anything that would help, never get tired of learning, and learn more! Finally, seek professionalism.

I love helping people love their skin and it’s quite thrilling when you get it right, I tell you it’s not every time it works out perfect, but when it does, which is more often than not I am thrilled, excited about the validation”. She enthused.

Skinologist is set to launch on Sunday the 18th of March.

EM Feature - Skinologist set to launch in Nigeria by Lilian Collins Ltd 3

EM Feature - Skinologist set to launch in Nigeria by Lilian Collins Ltd 4


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