One struggle of entrepreneurs and small business owners is finding their customers.

The market is wide but there are certain people who are meant to be your customers, your idea was given for a purpose and a target audience to serve, one major problem is identifying those you are meant to serve.

Once you are able to identify your target audience demographics, ways of life, where to get them, then the sale of value is smooth as sales and customers will come to you naturally.

As part of The ELOY Foundation Sustainable Empowerment Webinar Series, This month we deal with the topic, Finding your Ideal Customer and Speaking their Language with our speaker Mrs Godiya Katung, who will be telling us the how, when and what to do to get to the faces of our customers.

Mrs Katung is vast in marketing and sales, she has taught and spoke about how to attract customers and triple their income by right marketing skills of speaking and copy writing. she has also proven to help brand identify their voice with the right words to attract the right audience.

They usually say right time, right place and right circumstances is a great deal in marketing.

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