EM got the chance to interview one of Calabar’s finest fashion designer and the owner of pretty wears collection, whose signature style steals everyone’s attention.

We asked our questions and she answered, so read up!

Tell us about yourself

 I am  Ogar,  Oyike Ofem. A graduate of Cross River state university of technology, and the CEO of Pretty-Wears Collections/ Fashion Academy.

I am from Yakurr  Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria.

 How and when did your journey begin?

During my teen years as a teenager, I discovered I had this strong passion for Good Outfits, but due to financial constraint I couldn’t afford them.

So I decided to venture into sewing, with the aim of looking good whenever I want to attend any event.

 After my graduation from school, l engaged myself in so many things and it  looked as if nothing was working.

Then a friend of mine advised me to look for a particular thing I am passionate about or love to do so that people can come to know what I stand for.

I took that advise so serious and I began to ponder on it, when I looked within me I knew I have this interest down there about fashion.

So that was how I decided to go for training, after which I started my own fashion business at home close to my Mum’s kitchen.

That was 2016 precisely. When I had the privilege to serve as a Corp member( NYSC) in Abuja, I decided to continue with my business in a little apartment I was living, and from there I got a shop.

 What is Your Signature Style?

Designer Spotlight- Pretty Wears Collection 1 

My signature style is Bridals and custom.

What is your Best Moment?

 It’s who I am becoming, by the Grace of God.

 What is your Worst Moment?

 This should be when our Customers are not fully satisfied with the effort we put in place to deliver their materials. In pretty-wears, our customers satisfaction is our top priority. So we do everything to ensure our customers are okay.

 On a scale of 1-10, what has been your customer’s satisfaction?

 For me if I am to rate it’s 8/10 percent.

 What is the difference between you and other brands?

Pretty wears collection

 We are so intentional about our services and the very best is what we give.

Kindly share tips to being successful in this business

Put God First, center your business around God’s presence.

Focus and work hard. Focus will help you work on target while working hard. and it will help you achieve your goals.

Set your priorities right, this will help you achieve your goals without stress.

 Be Consistent. Consistency birth perfection, you cannot be perfect until you are consistent.

 Maintain a good and healthy customer Relationship. Check up on them frequently and weekly either by calls or SMS. Everyone loves to be cared for.

Self-denial.  You must deny yourself of so many things in order for you and your business to grow.

Invest in new skills and knowledge.

You cannot go beyond what you know, so wisdom demands you keep learning.

Give or Create Space for growth and be Patient.

Growth is a sign that you are alive. Anything that’s not growing is gradually dying.

Be Patient, and enjoy every season you find yourself per time.

Know when to aspire for something, and when to wait.

 Be Fast To Adopt or introduce new patterns of things that will make your business successful or move to the next phase.

Save Money And Ensure Your Business Name Is Registered.

Market your Business, especially on every social media platforms.

Invest in strategic marketing. Invest in anything that can market or grow your business if you have the resources.

What is your advices for start-ups who have similar vision as you do?

Pretty wears collection

1) Don’t be afraid to Start, it’s better to start from nowhere than to let your dream or vision die.

2) Be honest and sincere. Be a person of integrity.

3) Invest More in Yourself and also in your business. Acquire more skills and knowledge. This will build your confidence and make you a better person.

4) Be Your Best and Be  Yourself .

5) Have a Coach or A Mentor.

 Fun Facts about you

 I love peace and respect boundaries.

Anywhere I find myself if there’s no peace there, I must ensure there’s peace before I leave.

also respect boundaries, I don’t encroach into people’s matter or privacy. And lastly I mind my own business.

 And that’s a wrap from CEO pretty wears collection. You can follow her on Ig @ pretty_wears_collections

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