Bobbi Althoff’s meteoric rise from a TikTok mom to a renowned podcaster within a mere two years is a remarkable journey that has captured the attention of many. From sharing relatable mom content to engaging in insightful conversations with renowned rappers, her transformation has been nothing short of impressive.

At the age of 26, Bobbi Althoff stepped into the world of social media by creating content on TikTok in 2021. Her videos predominantly revolved around her experiences as a mother and her journey through pregnancy. Despite starting modestly, her ascent to stardom occurred swiftly in 2023 when she ventured into the podcasting realm with “The Really Good Podcast.”

In this short span, Althoff managed to conduct interviews with prominent figures such as rappers Drake and Lil Yachty, entrepreneur Mark Cuban, actor Rick Glassman, and popular YouTuber Funny Marco.

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Althoff’s unique brand of humor, characterized by her deadpan delivery and her knack for deliberately placing her interviewees in awkward situations, has endeared her to audiences. Her social media following speaks volumes about her influence, with over 5 million TikTok followers and half a million subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she shares her podcast episodes.

With such rapid success, curiosity has arisen about Bobbi Althoff’s background and how she achieved fame at such an astonishing pace. Speculations, including rumors that she might be an “industry plant,” have surfaced. This term refers to individuals secretly supported by the industry to expedite their rise to fame.

Responding to these rumors, Althoff humorously addressed the gossip by posting a video of herself dancing playfully to Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice’s “Barbie World,” accompanied by the caption, “Celebrating because the industry planted me.” This lighthearted response reflects her ability to engage with her audience in a relatable and entertaining manner.

Who Is Bobbi Althoff?

Bobbi Althoff

Bobbi Althoff is a notable TikTok influencer and podcaster who has captured attention through her relatable content and unique style. Her journey into the world of social media began with her regular posts on TikTok in 2021, where she predominantly focused on content centered around her experiences as a mother.

Her initial TikTok videos revolved around her pregnancy with her second daughter and the joys and challenges of motherhood. One of her early public TikToks, posted in July 2021, featured her mouthing the lyrics to Nicki Minaj’s “Grindin'” while displaying text that read, “when people choose to have their kids in their 20’s instead of waiting till they are at least 35+.” In this video, she humorously sang along to the lyrics “dang little mama you is such a loser” repeatedly, playfully mimicking comments she had received about being a young mom. The caption further emphasized the sentiments by asking, “Why waste your youth?”

Continuing her TikTok journey throughout 2022, Althoff maintained her focus on her pregnancy journey. She shared various clips, including moments of her dancing and humorously expressing the challenges of being pregnant, particularly during a visit to Disneyland.

In one instance, she comically joked about being “10 months pregnant” and enduring the heat at the theme park in June. With her signature humor, she shared her thoughts on the possibility of her baby’s arrival, humorously stating, “She’s never coming, I will be pregnant for the rest of my life and that’s just something I’m going to have to accept.”

Bobby Althoff Is Married!

The revelation that Bobbi Althoff is married adds another layer to her personal story. Her husband, Cory, is a programmer who holds the position of Senior Vice President at CompTIA. He’s also an accomplished author, having published two books focused on self-teaching computer science and coding.

Their dynamic as a couple came to light in April 2023 when Cory made a rare appearance on Althoff’s TikTok. Together, they created a promotional video for Bounty.

During the video, Althoff playfully shared insights about their marriage dynamics, revealing that Cory takes on the cleaning responsibilities around the house. However, her humorous twist added that she often ends up re-cleaning after him because he “always misses tiny things.”

Althoff went on to share more about their marriage, shedding light on their sleeping arrangements. She explained that while Cory sleeps downstairs, she prefers to sleep upstairs alongside their children, taking care of them throughout the night. Given her nighttime responsibilities, Cory takes on the cleaning tasks, showcasing their partnership and division of responsibilities.

Bobbi Althoff

Bobby Althoff Has 2 Kids!

Bobbi Althoff is a mother to two daughters, and she is careful to maintain their privacy by referring to them as Concrete and Richard, thereby keeping their true identities undisclosed.

While she doesn’t reveal their faces, she has shared moments featuring her younger child on TikTok ever since the baby’s birth in June 2022.

In one of her earliest appearances, she shared a video of herself a few weeks after giving birth, multitasking as she prepared to tackle household chores while carrying her newborn in a baby carrier. In this TikTok, Althoff playfully adhered to the ongoing bit by humorously referring to her daughter as Concrete.

When confronted with criticism over the unconventional name choice, Althoff responded with characteristic humor, explaining that she sees nothing wrong with the name Concrete.

She explained that the name is tied to her background in the construction business and symbolizes strength for her daughter’s future. She encouraged others to think outside the box when choosing names for their children, highlighting the significance of embracing uniqueness.

Bobbi Althoff Podcast

Bobbi Althoff ventured into podcasting with the launch of “The Really Good Podcast” in April 2023. Among her initial guests was Tammin Sursok, known for her role as Jenna on “Pretty Little Liars.” Althoff’s distinctive style, marked by her awkward yet confrontational approach, was evident as she posed her first question to Sursok: “So you were on a show called Pretty Little Liars. Was the lie that you’re pretty?”

Bobbi Althoff

Since then, Althoff has welcomed a variety of influencers and stars onto her podcast, including TikTok personality Morgan Presley and actor Rick Glassman from “Not Dead Yet.”

Reflecting on her podcast journey, Althoff shared in an April TikTok post that starting a podcast had always been a dream of hers. She acknowledged the skepticism she faced and emphasized the importance of persisting in the face of doubt.

Her pilot episode, initially received with skepticism, gained momentum and led to conversations with celebrity guests. Althoff’s message to her audience was to never give up on their dreams.

In an interview with TODAY in August 2023, Althoff mentioned that her podcasting style embodies “dry humor,” which contrasts with her real-life persona. This highlights her ability to adopt a unique character for her content while revealing her authentic self in other aspects of her life.

She interviewed Drake and Lil Yachty in July 2023

In July 2023, Bobbi Althoff achieved a significant milestone by interviewing two renowned artists, Drake and Lil Yachty. These interviews propelled her into the spotlight, solidifying her status as a prominent podcaster and influencer.

Building on the momentum of her viral interview with YouTuber Funny Marco, which garnered over 2 million views, Althoff’s popularity soared further when she teased an upcoming podcast episode featuring Drake.

Recounting how the Drake interview transpired, Althoff shared on TODAY that it all started when Drake saw her episode with Funny Marco, liked the video, and followed her. Seizing the opportunity, Althoff decided to direct message him, and within three days, she found herself conducting an interview with him while both were in bed.

The full hour-long interview with Drake was released on July 20, 2023, and has since amassed over 9 million views on YouTube. Throughout the conversation, Althoff maintained her characteristic stoic and quiet tone, deliberately not appearing impressed by Drake or the unconventional setting of their conversation.

Althoff explained the humorous rationale behind the setting, revealing that the idea was to make it appear as though she was so persistent that she convinced Drake to do the interview while he was going to bed. This playful approach added a unique touch to the interview and set the stage for her subsequent podcast episodes.

Following the Drake interview’s success, Althoff continued her podcast journey with an hour-long conversation with rapper Lil Yachty. The two engaged in light-hearted banter, discussing topics such as being young parents, navigating fame, and their respective careers. The interview took an unexpected turn when Drake himself called Lil Yachty during their conversation, adding an element of surprise and interaction with another prominent figure.

Althoff’s podcast journey also included an interview with businessman Mark Cuban, showcasing her versatility in engaging with a diverse range of guests.

Reflecting on her rising fame and the success of her podcast, Althoff expressed her astonishment at how her podcast had taken off. She highlighted the thrill of seeing her aspirations come to fruition, emphasizing that while she had always hoped for her podcast to gain traction, experiencing it actually happen was beyond her expectations.

Bobbi Althoff Industry Plant Allegations

Podcast host Bobbi Althoff has found herself embroiled in controversy surrounding “industry plant” allegations, which have stirred discussions online. A recent video from Drake’s concert on August 13th showcased Althoff standing awkwardly while her friends enjoyed the singer’s performance. Although Althoff didn’t explicitly mention Drake in the caption, she referred to him as “this guy.”

Bobbi Althoff

Addressing the industry plant rumors in an interview with Cosmopolitan published on August 9th, Althoff dismissed the claims and revealed that she had created a TikTok video offering a $300 reward to anyone who could facilitate connections with celebrities and bring them onto her podcast.

Despite her response, skepticism continues to persist. One Twitter user, @98sThoughts, questioned Althoff’s “self-made” status and accused her of dishonesty. The tweet highlighted the connection between Bobbi Althoff and Drake, pointing out that they share the same management. Additionally, it mentioned that Althoff is associated with the talent agency WME and is represented by agent TJ Bernady. The post also noted that Althoff’s husband holds millionaire status.

These allegations have sparked discussions and debates within online communities, shedding light on the complexities of celebrity connections and the authenticity of individuals’ rise to fame.

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