Do you know that your skin is exposed to harmful UV rays from the sun every time you step outside? So whether you are taking a walk in the park or visiting a friend remember to wear your sunscreen.

Here are 5 best tips for applying sunscreen to up your skin game:

Rub on a washed or clean skin

Sunscreen should be applied directly on the skin. Hence for maximum protection, wash up thoroughly to remove makeup and oil before applying, so that the sunscreen can stick properly.

Apply sunscreen on all uncovered skin

one of the best tips for applying sunscreen is to apply on all uncovered skin. Even if most people’s priority is their face, it is strongly recommended that you apply on your uncovered skin that is visible to the sun and that includes your neck, leg, hands and so on.

Best tips for applying sunscreen

Do not manage your sunscreen

By this I mean use enough sunscreen. Rub it thoroughly in your skin for it to effectively protect your skin.

Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours, or immediately after contact with water

A lot of people get sunburn because they feel like the sunscreen they at home before leaving is enough for the whole day but it’s not. It is advisable that you apply sunscreen every 2 hours especially when you about to enter the sun or after sweating. This gives you maximum protection from the sun. This is one of the best tips for applying sunscreen that is not taken seriously.

Best tips for applying sunscreen
Side view of African american woman in bikini applying sunscreen lotion on shoulder at beach in the sunshine

Don’t forget your face region

Your face needs more sunscreen, especially in and around your nose. You may want to have a special face sunscreen. Your face demands a special attention because not only does it face the sun directly, many skin cancers usually occurs on the face. Also use a lip sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 on your lips.

Here you go! The 5 best tips for applying sunscreen

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