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A lot of times we pray for promotion at our respective work places. But when this promotion eventually comes, we seem to find ourselves complaining. This is because, the work load increases, which implies more stress. The higher the position, the higher the responsibility and the higher the stress!

Would you now say you want to stay put in that position, you don’t want to move forward? That isn’t the best option. You just need to look for a way out of it. Look for a way to deal with the stress and stay happy.

– Establish new boundaries. If you need to check your emails in the evening, pick a set time each day to do this and once you’re done, put your phone away until morning.

– Exercise is a great stress reliever, and of course spending time with friends and family can provide you with a listening ear, and be a boost to your confidence.

– Trust yourself. Remember why you were promoted, and why you felt this step was right for you, and trust in your own ability to make good decisions at work. Also, resist the urge to be a perfectionist. It’s often OK to be ‘good enough’ rather than perfect.

– Reassert control. You cannot control everything that happens around you or to you at work, but you are in charge of yourself. Try to redirect your anxiety away from problem areas you cannot control and focus instead on the things you can.

– Also, don’t forget that your friends and family, social life, hobbies and interests can also be huge boosters to your overall wellbeing, raising your resilience to stressful situations, and providing stability and enjoyment away from work. Take things one step at a time.

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