Hilda Baci has been the name of the moment in Nigeria for a hot minute now. It will be almost impossible to be a Nigerian today and to not have come across the sensational Chef, Hilda Baci who currently broke the vines world record of the longest cooking time ever.

She attained an almost impossible feat,  smashing the record by going a full 100 hours with only 4 hours of rest in all.

While a lot of people know her as “just a chef”, the gorgeous 27 year old is also a fashion icon. We dug a little deep and came up with 6 fashionable outfits she absolutely rocked in the past few months.

Check them out below;

6 Times Hilda Baci Looked Absolutely Stunning! 1

Lady in red! Hilda looked simple and classy in this long sleeved shirt red gown. She wore a transparent heel, square glasses and rocked an elegant corn row braid.


6 Times Hilda Baci Looked Absolutely Stunning! 2Hilda looked sultry and sexy in this form fitted black gown with white frills on the edges. This gown accentuated her tiny waist and wide hips giving her the perfect hour glass figure. She accessorized this with a simple necklace and medium sized round earrings.


6 Times Hilda Baci Looked Absolutely Stunning! 3Hilda looked very inch the Guinness world record breaker in this beautiful fierce suit. The outfit gave her chic business like look and the intense stare she gave the camera proved that she is not be messed with.


6 Times Hilda Baci Looked Absolutely Stunning! 4It’s no doubt that Hilda has a thing for red or maybe red has a thing for her. Everything about this look is absolute perfection. From the clean center part low bun, to the mini red dress, and her classic stunning makeup, Hilda Baci absolutely devoured this look.


6 Times Hilda Baci Looked Absolutely Stunning! 5Hilda definitely stopped the night in this little black number. Her ample cleavage was in display and her gown showcased her beautiful thighs and legs. Her hair was worn in a classical updo style and the cheeky smile she rocked added even more dazzle to her look.


6 Times Hilda Baci Looked Absolutely Stunning! 6Owambe Princess. Hilda gave off major Owambe inspiration in this corset lace gown. She looked a absolutely snatched while also rocking a cute Gele.

Hilda has shown that she is here to inspire. Whether it’s her cooking skills, her grits and resilience or just her top notch fashion style, she is here to inspire all.



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