Step out looking gorgeous and effortlessly stylish once you know exactly which colors to picks as lip shades for dark skin. We’ve put together a complete guide on how you can pick the best lip shades for dark lips and skin. Read up and pick the right one for your complexion!!


Nude lip shades for dark skin and deep tones


Nude lipsticks makes you look unforgettable and classy. It plays a subtle drama. Contradictory as it may sound, but the right nude colors for any skin tone should be darker than the actual color! It should be able to add the right dose of depth and warmth to your complexion, blending well to look natural on the dark skin tones.

Nude lipstick

Image Credit: Makeupandbeauty


Deep brown or Cocoa


Be proud of your dark skin color and flaunt it to the world confidently wearing lipstick shades of burnt chocolate with blue, and lively red undertones. Deep brown and cocoa are absolutely foolproof lip shades for all you lovely ladies with dark skin colors. This color looks incredible on dark skin and lips.

dep brown lipstick

Image Credit: thezoereport



Pink Lip shades for dark skin or deep tones


There are vivid pink shades that are exclusive to dark skin tones. You can go for a lighter and creamier shade, a rose pink or even coral pink, and customize your look to show off the lips as though you were born with them. And they make your teeth look whiter also.

pink lip shade or dark skin o deep tones

Image Credit: glowsly (Instagram)




red lipshade for dark skin or deeper tones

Fierce red! Never let red intimidate you. It’s a classic color that flatters all skin colors and undertones, and never fails to brighten up any makeup look. The trick to getting the best out of this gorgeous color is to pick the shade that best complements your skin tone.


Image Credit: urbancompany




How can we not mention the quintessential mauve when talking about best matte lipstick for dark skin? A combination of brown, purple, and pink, this amazing color is meant to show up magnificently across a face with rich skin tones. An amazing color, it works across a range of makeup looks, and is suited for multiple occasions. Bold and sultry, the color is a perfect fit to pair up with blushed cheeks, and head for some sass!

mauve lipshade

Image credit: phavour_jayyy (Instagram)


And that’s a wrap for our focus week, EM readers which shade would you be shopping for this week?


Written by Uchechukwu for EM

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