After thrilling his fans with his hit songs, ‘Receive Sense’ and ‘You
Say Wetin’, Afrobeat serial hitmaker Prolifik Plsoo has dropped a banger
of an EP titled ‘MD CEO’.

The six tracked EP, a sensational collection of different sounds that
depict who Prolifik is as an artist, opens with ‘Odeshi’ a slow track
that recounts the daily challenges of the basic Nigerian and the
decision to stay positive through it all. ‘Energy’, the second track is
a Fela Anikulapo-Kuti-inspired sound where the  Afrobeat artist tells a
story with a play on words in a rhythm that bounces of supreme

Prolifik creates such a vibe in the EP title track, ‘MD CEO’. Grassroots
in all its essence, the ‘MD CEO’ track hits you with the raw Lagos
essence, unveiling Prolifik’s gift of staying true to his vocal path
when he tells his story. Other tracks on the MD CEO  EP are ‘Tell Me’,
whose hook is everything and ‘No title’  (Shóti Get è), produced by
Niphkeys; a song that is proudly filled with Yoruba slangs and the
rhythm, a winner.

Closing out the EP is the beautifully conceptualized and produced song,
‘Out of Control’.  Quickly tipped to be a fan favourite, it is a love
song tinged in a bit of highlife that showcases Prolifik’s versatility
as an artist. Ensconced in a magnetic rhythm, ‘Out of Control’ is one
song that will always be in replay. For this truly gifted artist,
instrumentation is everything and this is what amplifies him as an
artist. With this EP, Prolifik has flawlessly mastered the creative
kalakuta sound which affords the extra that he brings to all the
components of this body of work.

With no features and an array of top producers including Illkonnect,
Skitter, Sossick and Niphkeys, the Afrobeat artist who deftly modernises
Afro (Kalakuta) music using different types of beats reminisces: “I
listened to a lot of Fela Anikulapo Kuti growing up via my dad’s
playlist because he loved Fela at that time. I remember him taking me to
Fela’s concert at Lekki beach one time and this has always inspired my
kind of music. I can also say I get inspired by people around me and
most times, I’m inspired by the situations I find myself”.

Listen to Prolifik’s EP, MD CEO here [1]and on all digital platforms…


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