Officially known as the United Mexican States, a country in the southern portion of North America, home to tacos, Aztecs, sombreros, and tequila, Mexico is one of the most popular countries in the world as almost everyone on the planet knows one detail or two about Mexico. Far beyond these stereotypes, there is a lot of amazing landscapes, history, and good food in Mexico which happens to be one of the world’s great civilizations. It provides a blend of Mesoamerican cultures, Spanish traditions, and contemporary arts. Bordered to the north by the United States; to the south and west by the Pacific Ocean; to the southeast by Guatemala, Belize, and the Caribbean Sea; and to the east by the Gulf of Mexico, it is the 13th-largest country by area covering 1,972,550 square kilometers (761,610 sq mil)

With its beautiful capital also the largest city; Mexico City, its beautiful scenery ranges from the shimmering blue coastline of Baja California and the cactus-strewn deserts of the north, to the Maya villages and palm-smothered beaches of the south. For your adventures, you can climb volcanoes, go sightseeing, and tour agave farms. Scattered throughout are the richly adorned colonial churches, giant pyramids, and sophisticated cuisine.

Mexico does not have an official language at the federal level but has Spanish and Amerindian languages as recognized regional languages. With approximately 126,014,024 inhabitants, it is the 10th-most populous country and has the most Spanish speakers. The major religion here is Christianity with 77.7% Catholicism and 11.2% other Christian, 10.6% no religion, 0.2% others, and 0.3% unspecified.

Where to go in Mexico?

Mexico is an incredibly diverse country that stretches from the deserts and canyons of the north to the grand colonial cities of the center and the ruins of Maya. Due to the vastness of this country, when planning a vacation or tour, focusing on one or two sections of the country can be rewarding and great.

When planning a holiday trip to Mexico, here are some of the best places to visit:

  1. Mexico City

Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, is always a nightmare of urban sprawl. Even with this sprawl, the city is amazing, showing its position as the capital of the nation in every way- artistic, political, and even cultural. It is one of the world’s mega-cities, housing over 25 million people in a shallow mountain bowl at over 2400 m above sea level. Living around the city is the remains of the pre-Hispanic cultures of central Mexico: the massive pyramids of Teotihuacan and the main Toltec site at Tula.


  1. Puebla

Sitting east of Mexico City is the beautiful city of Puebla, often known for its colonial architecture and fine cuisine. Taking a trip to the fifth-largest city in Mexico will take 40 minutes where you are greeted by glorious views of snow-capped Popocatepetl and Ixtaccihuati. With a strong and astonishing concentration of beautiful sights that includes a fabulous cathedral, a “hidden” convent, museums, and grand mansions.


  1. Tulum

Known for its beaches and well-preserved ruins of an ancient Mayan port city, Tulum is one of the best cities to visit in Mexico. With the perfectly preserved Mayan ruins, exotic wildlife encounters, jungle thrills, top-notch shopping, wellness facilities, and a food scene, this city offers notable experiences. The Tulum ruins are the third most-visited archaeological site in Mexico, after Teotihuacan and Chichen Itza, playing host to over 2.2 million visitors in 2017.


  1. Acapulco and Pacific Coast

When you travel through the 800km journey from Acapulco to Puerto Vallarta along the pacific coast, all you see is the languid beach life at its finest. The buttery sands studded with palms, the makeshift bars on the beach, the lagoons, and torpid villages all dominate this landscape. Dividing these long sceneries of wild, untouched coastline are some of the most popular and comfortable resorts in Mexico.

Best time to go to Mexico

Mexico is a year-round tourist destination, this means you can travel there any time of the year. However, many visitors stick to the highlands in summer and the coasts during winter. June to October is the rainy season, while late winter is the traditional tourist season. The busiest months are always December through to April, while November is probably the best time to visit Mexico as the rainy period is over, the land is still fresh and the peak season has not yet begun.

Travelling To México

Best places to visit in Mexico

  • Cenotes of Yucatan
  • Acapulco’s cliff drivers
  • Chichen Itza
  • Tulum
  • Tequila
  • Baja Whale watching

Food and drink in Mexico

The food served in Mexico bears little resemblance to the concoctions served in “Mexican” restaurants in other parts of the world. The basic Mexican diet is essentially one of corn (maize as a crop, elite when eaten). It is supplemented by beans and chiles. Traditionally, lunch is the main meal of the day, taken around 2p, or later.


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