Paris is one of the most popular cities among travelers and it is also popularly  Known as the “City of Light” or the “City of Love.

This is because it is overflowing with culture, art, beauty, and history.

Packed with iconic museums and monuments, together with low-key treasures cherished by locals, Paris is a city that emanates “la belle vie” (the good life).


Here are a few things to do when taking a trip to The City Of Love; Paris

See the Eiffel Tower at night

Paris - The city of love

Dodge the habitual daytime crowd zig-zagging up the Eiffel Tower and watch it switch up its lights at night that can be seen from dozens of miles away. The Iron Lady puts on her most beautiful golden gown and sparks the entire world’s imagination.

See the  artworks at Bourse de Commerce: Pinault Collection

Paris - The city of love

There’s a secret to exploring the city’s latest blockbuster art venue, which opened in May 2021 in an 18th-century rotunda where the city’s grain market and stock exchange once were. You can Reserve tickets online, and be sure to have a splendid time admiring the contemporary art in this world-class collection by French billionaire François Pina.

Sample local life at Paris’ markets

The City Of Love - Paris 1

Nothing reveals the backstreet grit and grind of local life quite like Paris’ stash of intoxicating markets. Visit Marché des Enfants Rouges, the city’s oldest covered market, dating from 1615, with a maze of food stalls cooking up Moroccan couscous, Japanese bento, Thai curries, and other world cuisines. 


Go on a treasure hunt at the Louvre

The City Of Love - Paris 2

I heard it would take up to nine months to simply glance at all 35,000-odd masterpieces at the Musée du Louvre, home to one of the world’s finest collections of western art. Join a ThatMuse scavenger hunt to make the best sense of the overwhelming palace gallery, built as a fortress for Philippe-Auguste in the 12th century.

Eat quality local produce at grassroots restaurants

The City Of Love - Paris 3

Grassroots produce seasonal, locally grown, and freshly harvested crops that are unique to French cuisine. Chefs in Paris are working harder than ever with small regional producers to elevate taste and quality to even greater heights (not to mention supporting local economies).

Lastly, Cruise the Seine

The City Of Love - Paris 4

Paris’ geographical and spiritual heart is the Seine.  it all began on its island twinset, with early settlers arriving on Île de la Cité around the 3rd century BCE. Enjoy the view of historical sites by cruising the river with Bateaux-Mouches or aboard a hop-on-hop-off Batobus river boat which is a part of the city’s public transport system, while admiring scenic Unesco World Heritage-listed riverbanks, islands, summertime beaches and 37 bridges spanning every architectural era.


EM readers let’s book a trip to Paris! 


Written by Uchechukwu for EM

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