If you want to make your week a great one, then you have to start today.

Mondays are one of the dreaded week days in the week. It is the beginning of the week and for most people it signals more work, more effort and more stress.

What if you were told that it was all just a mindset?

What if you get to start your week on a light note without the pre-conceived notion that Mondays are bad news?

Well, here’s 7 tips for you to get started and make your week a great one

Be Grateful

Gratitude does a lot. A grateful heart is a content one.

Be grateful for the little things. While you might be irritated at having to wake up early in the morning to go to work, remember that you have a job that pays your bills and some do not.   

Be grateful for tiny things like having a soft bed to wake up to, your family or just the ability to see another beautiful new day.

When you’re grateful, you see more of the good in life and you’re able to start your week feeling happy.

You can also have a gratitude journal where you write down everything good that happens to you daily,  at the end of the week, you will be pleasantly surprised at just how much positivity has happened in your life.

Set Goals

Setting goals are everything. A lot of people get swamped up before the week ends because they did not set goals from the beginning of the week.

Ask yourself what your goals for the week are.

What do you hope to achieve when the week ends? Write it down and have a strict timeline that you follow.

It’s not just okay to set goals, but you have follow those goals to the end.

When you’re able to accomplish your goals, you will end your week feeling really satisfied and proud of yourself.

Make your week a great one

Cultivate A Positive Outlook

You have to have a positive mindset when dealing  with life in.

I know it can be difficult but if you can consistently and intentionally seek to find the positives in everything, you will be able to have a great week.

No matter the situation, look for a tiny positive spot in it.

You have a boss who is rude to you? See it as a learning experience. You lost some of your money? See it as a reminder to be more careful and cautious with your things.

Learn to cultivate a positive look at life all the time, this gets you out of the negativity box where you feel nothing is working out well for you.

When you have a positive mindset, you will be able to attract good things your way naturally.

Start Your Mornings With Daily Affirmations

Daily Affirmations are a real thing and if you don’t believe it, you should try it.

You can start your mornings by stating out loudly that your day will be a good one, a productive one, a happy one.

Say this  before you step out and if possible, keep saying it in your mind throughout the day.

Have A Time For Self Care Each Day

Self care is super important and should never be slighted. Take out time every single day for your self.

What’s your self care language? It could be 30 minutes of reading that book. Or taking spoonfuls on your favorite  chocolate cake.

Whatever it is, always find time to squeeze in on your daily routine. This will make you feel happy and satisfied with yourself. It will also give you the strength to carry on with your daily activities.

Reduce Time Spent On Social Media

Social media can be great but it can also be incredibly harmful.

Spending a lot of time on social media can take your focus away from more important things that you should be doing. Social media can also sap away all of your energy and even feed your insecurities which will have you feeling down and depressed.

Why you should use social media, remember to use it in moderation or else it can turn really harmful and affect your over all week.

Do Something New

Try to infuse something new each week. This keeps your weeks from running to each other and being monotonous.

Read a new book. Visit a new place. Start a new work out routine. Come up with a new creative idea at work. Just do something different from normal. This will give you something

to look forward to and when you eventually compete it, you feel very pleased and excited.

Lastly, please try and get some quality sleep. Even if you’re doing all these but you’re not getting a good night’s rest, you’re going to wake up angry with the whole world.

Sleep is very important and you should never deny your body it’s rest time.

When you sleep well, you will wake up in the morning feeling very charged and refreshed. This will help you start each day on a healthy clear note.

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