A great company culture is an antidote for company growth.
In a 2022 survey from FlexJobs, nearly 33% of employees in the United States are considering leaving their jobs, while 25% have resigned over the past six months with toxic work culture being top of the list of reasons.

Company culture

In a 2019 DDI Research to reveal the emotions behind frontline management, 57% of employees quit their jobs because of their boss.

The above reports and surveys show how important great company culture is to the growth of an organization.

It does not just happen in a day, it takes time to build a great company culture where not only the employees feel safe and motivated, but customers also feel part of the processes. 

You might be wondering what “company culture” is.

It is not a sudden process, rather it is how you do what to do in your workplace.

It is the total of all your formal and informal behaviors, values, and statements all of which aggregate to form a pleasing experience for your employees and customers.

It doesn’t matter whether you have less than ten employees or more than 100 employees, the culture of your company must always be such that helps the general operations of the company thrive.

However, there are different kinds of organizations and what this means is different company cultures.

In all of these companies, however, there must be positive culture. Bad company culture leads to unhappy workers which in turn leads to reduced and unhappy customers.

Here are a few ideas that can help you grow and nurture great company culture:

Make the Workplace Welcoming 

The workplace is where employees spend most of their day, and week, with some even working extra hours. It needs to be welcoming.

A welcome workplace means your employees are respected regardless of their nationality, religion, and culture.

It helps your employees free enough to use their skills and talents without fear or intimidation. Some characteristics of a welcoming workplace include:

  • Room for growth 
  • A clear and common goal 
  • Motivation and challenge 
  • Transparency and flexibility 
  • Supporting social initiatives

Invest time in your workspace

The key to building a successful workplace with positive company culture is to invest in it.

This investment does not have to be financial, at least not all the time. Put effort into your workplace, and ensure everything is up-to-date.

Take time to ensure the workplace is organized and easy. This will also impress investors, clients, and new hires with how the workspace handles its day-to-day operations.

Lead by Example 

In most cases, good company culture begins with the manager of the company.

When you put conscious efforts into ensuring the company is in a good shape, employees will remember this act.  Gradually, you’re building a positive reputation both personally and for the company.

Other methods of leading by example can be: allowing senior employees to make decisions, carrying all members of the company along on key issues; make them feel appreciated and recognized.

Foster Social Connections

Workplace relationships are one of the essential elements of positive company culture.

When employees know their colleagues, and interact, it opens an avenue for a strong culture to grow.

Leaders need to ensure employees are provided with opportunities that foster social interactions in the workplace.

Benefits of Positive Company Culture

  • Recruitment- a positive company culture helps attract the best talents.


  • Employee loyalty – Not only will this culture attract top talents, but it also help regain them.


  • Job Satisfaction- When the general culture of an organization is pleasing, employees are satisfied with their jobs and this, in turn, makes them happy and dedicated.


  • Work Performance: There is a connection between positive company culture and work productivity. Employees are more loyal to employers that prioritize their happiness.


  • Less Stress: A strong and positive company culture will help reduce stress in the workplace.


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