If you want to reduce stress, then first, you must understand that stress is inescapable.

It comes sometimes, without warning, and you have no other option than to deal with it, albeit reluctantly.

In Nigeria most especially, it can be extremely challenging to completely avoid stress no matter how hard you try. But, fortunately, there are ways you can reduce the stress.

Below are 7 amazing ways you can reduce Stress

Laugh Constantly

REDUCE stress

Laughter might  not be the answer to curing all ailments, but it sure does help to make you feel better.

Try laughing even when you don’t want to. The moment your cheeks spread and you feel your mouth open wider, you feel better.

You should be around people who make you laugh. You can also watch funny clips and movies online that will get you in a happy mood and make you cackle.

It definitely works wonders in changing a mood instantly. This will help you relive some of the stress you’re facing.

Eat Healthy

Eat Healthy to reduce stress

If you want to take care of your physical body, then you have to be intentional about what you put in your mouth.

Always inculcate a lot of veggies and greens in your food. Also eat lots of whole grains:

Try to abstain from unhealthy foods and unhealthy lifestyles in general such as smoking, taking too much alcohol or caffeine, over eating, vaping, ingesting illegal substances etc.


Meditate to reduce stress

A lot of people do not believe in the power of meditation, but, it works.

During mediation, you’re able to focus your thoughts on more peaceful things and you quiet all the inner ramblings and noise inside you.

It gives you a sense of peacefulness and calm which will benefit your physical and emotional well being. This will help you reduce stress.


Exercise to reduce stress

When your body is engaged in any form of physical activity, you help relive a lot of stress unknowingly to you.

It does not matter if you’re a gym enthusiast, when you engage in daily routings of physical activity, you can over time make impact in your general physical well being as well as reduce stress and tension in your body.

Physical activities  can pump up your feel-good endorphins and other natural neural chemicals that enhance your sense of well-being.

They can also help sharpen your mind and focus which can all the negative energy and irritation of the day, slowly fade away.

Some daily exercises you can indulge in include;  walking, jogging, housecleaning, swimming, weightlifting or anything else that gets you active.


The Soft Life - 7 Ways To Reduce Stress 1

When in doubt, write.

Writing can be a great way to unburden your mind. There are moments when we don’t want to tell anyone about things that we are facing,  an alternative would be to tell it to your paper.

You can release a lot of emotions bottled up inside you through journaling your feelings and experiences. It can be very cathartic.

You do not even have to think about what to write, you can just allow it flow.

You should write whatever you want to, however you want to write it, after all, no one is going to read it.

Connect with others

The Soft Life - 7 Ways To Reduce Stress 2

When you’re stressed, you are naturally more likely to get irritated at anything. That can mean that you will find yourself distancing from friends and families.

This might be the easier option, but it will only make things worse for you.

Sometimes, connecting back with your family, your friends and your loved ones in general, will help you feel lighter.

When you share some of your problems with others, you’re able to lessen the burden of your stress.

Social connection are a great way to distract yourself and provide support

Sleep well, Sleep better

The Soft Life - 7 Ways To Reduce Stress 3

Lack of sleep can cause your body to be tense. This only make your stress worse.

Remember, that when you’re asleep is the only time your body and brain has time to recharge fully for another activity.

When you don’t sleep well, you rid your body of that ability.

If you’re experiencing some troubles with your sleep pattern, you can always listen to some ASMR sleeping sounds or other relaxing music that will help put you to sleep. You can also take herbs that induce sleep.

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