The difference in the spelling of mindful vs. mindFULL is minor, but the difference in how each of these things can impact your life and is significant. If you want to learn how to relieve anxiety, then having a focused mind is something you have to work on.

Most times the feeling of being mindful starts from the moment you hear the alarm each morning, as the thoughts come rushing in:

What time is that appointment tomorrow? Or What should I make for dinner tonight?

This isn’t surprising, considering the average human processes about 6,200 thoughts per day.

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But notice how none of those thoughts pertains to the present moment. It’s normal to have a mind full of thoughts, but focusing so much of our inner dialogue on what’s behind or ahead, or what could go wrong, can lead to anxiety.

How to relieve your anxiety

Here is How to Cultivate a State of Mindfulness

Notice Inner or Outer Sensations

The goal of this practice is to name your feelings as they arise, and then notice what that physical sensation is in your body. All thoughts and emotions are connected with a physical reaction.

For example, when you feel stressed your hands may tingle, or your armpits sweat. On the other hand, a sense of calm might cause your breath to deepen, your shoulders to relax, or your chest to expand.

Tune In to Your Breathing

Tuning into your breath is one of the most powerful tools. A recent study found that intentional breathing techniques relieve depression, anxiety, stress, or other low mood states.

A great starting point is simply taking note of the natural, rhythmic flow of breath at any time will shift you into a state of mindfulness.

How to relieve your anxiety

Set Screen-Time Boundaries for Yourself

You’ve been there before: You open a social media app, start scrolling and before you know it, 20 minutes have passed. Mindless scrolling fills our brains with endless content that can cause stress and anxiety.

The good news is, you can create a balanced relationship with your smartphone easily by setting daily screen limits on social media.

Practice Pilates

Pilates helps one to be more mindful. It’s based on mindful and intentional movement. This means, every time you step on your mat, you’re encouraged to practice mindfulness, which typically starts with a few minutes to connect to the moment, your breath, and your body.

Develop a Meditation Ritual

Meditation doesn’t mean you have to sit motionless with your eyes shut and legs crossed for 30 minutes.

It is simply the practice of slowing down and breathing with intention, which means you can do it anywhere, even if you’re moving or having a busy day and can’t commit to a long period of sitting alone. 

Create Calm By Being Mindful

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