Do you find yourself writhing in pains all the time, have you been having a bad migraine?Have you searched for ways to reduce these bad migraines?

There might be some things that you have been doing for a while that may have been contributing to you having a bad migraine.

Some of them Include;

Low Intake Of Water

Inadequate hydration may lead you to develop a headache.

In fact, studies have demonstrated that dehydration is a common cause of migraines.

What’s more, being dehydrated can impair concentration and cause irritability, making your symptoms seem even worse

Thankfully, research suggests that drinking more water may help reduce headache occurrence, duration, and severity in some people.

To help avoid dehydration headaches, focus on drinking enough water throughout the day and eating water-rich foods like fruits and vegetables.


Sometimes your body is just lacking some magnesium supplement.

Magnesium is an important mineral necessary for countless functions in the body, including blood sugar regulation and nerve transmission.

Interestingly, magnesium has also been shown to be a safe, effective remedy for headaches.

Evidence suggests that magnesium deficiency is more common in people who get frequent migraine headaches than in those who don’t

Studies have shown that treatment with supplemental magnesium, in many different doses and forms, may help reduce both the frequency and the severity of your migraine.

Having a bad migraine

Too Much Alcohol Intake

While having an alcoholic drink may not cause a headache in most people, studies have shown that alcohol can trigger migraines in about one-third of those who experience frequent headaches.

Alcohol intake is also a risk factor for tension headaches and for cluster headaches, which are among the most severe types of migraines.

Sleep Deprivation or Too Much Sleep

Sleep deprivation can be detrimental to your health in many ways and may even cause headaches in some people.

In fact, research shows that poor sleep quality and insomnia are associated with increased headache frequency and severity in headache.

At the same time, when you sleep too much  you can also trigger a bad migraine.

The best thing is to find a perfect balance.

Poor Diet

There are certain foods that trigger headaches.

Cheese, peanuts and alcohol are popular culprit foods that can trigger migraines.

You might have eaten them just before a really bad migraine hits and unknown to you, the food is the cause of your headache.

It’s best to eat all of these things in moderate quantities.

Also, eat healthy, to avoid food triggering a really bad headache.


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