Eating unhealthy foods is similar to taking  poison.

Health is wealth they say. Without good health, it’s entirely impossible to enjoy life’s luxuries.

This is why you have to be extremely cautious about the things you put in your mouth.

There are some foods that you might have been consuming over time and unknown to you, you’ve been damaging your system.

While there are a lot of unhealthy food options available for people to consume, these 5 foods below should be completely avoided as much as possible

Processed Vegetable Oils

5 Unhealthy Foods That Are Slowly Killing You 1

Vegetable oils that have been processed are extremely bad for our body. This is  because they contain unsaturated fats which makes them more prone to growing rancid and spoiling.

They are more exposed to light, air, heat and other element and this breaks down almost all of their nutritional properties.

The oils when they’re packaged, are infused with chemicals so that they do not have strong odors or spoil and then you end up injecting these harmful chemicals into your body.

Not only is the fat bad for you, but the chemicals are also harmful to your body. Over time, they can lead to serious health complications.

Try naturally saturated oils that can be gotten from coconut, nuts and cocoa butter instead.

White Flour

White flour - unhealthy foods

White flour has no single nutritional value.

The process of extracting flour comepletely leaves it without any vitamins or minerals.

You are basically left with nothing but starch.

The starch is also bleached which also makes it’s nutritional value even worse.

This leaves you with a highly acidic substance that turns to paper in your body.

This will also cause serious weight gain and in the future can lead to obesity and other health complications.

You can swap all of your white flour for whole grains instead.

“Low fat’’ Processed Foods

We see it all the time. A marketing gimmick to convince people to buy things. We see the word “low fat” plastered on bottles and containers, giving the impression that it is the better and healthier fat.

Well, that is far from the truth. Do not be deceived. Seeing low fat gives you an illusion of safety, but really, that is what it is. An illusion.

They contain a whole load of preservatives and have been through numerous stages of intense processing.

At the end of the day, they are not any different from other products and are just not good for your body.


Soda - unhealthy  foods

Poison. That’s exactly what sodas are. If you’re still ingesting any kind soda right now, please stop.

Sodas have zero benefits but have a million negative impacts on the body.

They are majorly comprised of chemicals that have created in a laboratory.

Sodas contain what is called empty calories, this means that it has calories that will give zero nutrition to then body.

They also contain an insane amount of sugar which can rapidly Increase blood sugar levels.

This forces your liver and pancreas to work very hard to move those sugars from your bloodstream into your cells. If you’re not careful it can lead to diabetes or increase your chances of being diabetic.

Fried Foods

Fried food - Unhealthy foods

Fried foods contain Trans fatty acids which is one of most dangerous fats In the world.

Any oil that is heated to a high temperature turns rancid.

The high heat changes their chemical properties and strips them of all their nutritional value.

If you eat fried foods regularly, you will rob your body of essential nutrients without giving it back anything.

Instead of frying your foods, consider air frying or baking or even boiling it.

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