• Fitness Expert, Kemen gives Weightloss Tips For New Moms who are struggling with routines to stay fit 
  • He also states the importance of seeing a doctor before commencing any form of workout irrespective
  • These are workout routines you can also try out while at home before you become strong enough to actively workout and hit the gym.

In most tribes in Nigeria, when a woman puts to bed, there are pre-existing cultural routines that this new mom is subjected to in order to have a flat tummy and also shed the baby fat gained during the gestation period of 10 months.

Most women are told to sit on a bucket of hot water, some are rigorously massaged and the most popular practice is one where women are tied tight with local fabrics, popularly referred to as ‘wrapper.’

For women who want to shed baby fat and do not want to be subjected to the uncomfortable and painful cultural routines, there are some workout routines you can also try out while at home before you become strong enough to actively workout and hit the gym.

It is imperative to take into cognizance the importance of consulting with your doctor before commencing any form of workout irrespective of how simple it might look or feel. Do not assume you are well enough to start working out. It is important to allow your body to heal naturally before jumping into working out, even if you have always been a workout junkie.

Weightloss Tips For New Moms

According to celebrity trainer and fitness expert, Kemen, here are 5 Weightloss Tips For New Moms to shed baby fat and stay fit.

1. Swimming as a Weightloss Tip For New Moms

The importance of swimming for an all-round body workout cannot be overemphasized. Swimming is effective for postpartum women in working out the heart and lungs and even muscles without adding undue pressure on the joints. According to Kemen, swimming is not only fun but also exercises the whole body and new moms should try to engage in it at least once every week.

Weightloss Tips For New Moms - swimming

Swimming is advisable, as it does not really exert strain on the body. New moms should, however, wait till the postnatal bleeding stops before swimming and for those who underwent a cesarean section, it is compulsory that the scarring has healed before they proceed to swim.

2. Pilates as a Weightloss Tip For New Moms

Pilates remains one of the most effective exercises, as it trains not just the body but also relieves the mind of stress. One of its advantages is that it strengthens muscles which have become weak and dormant as a result of pregnancy. Pilates involves lower impact flexibility, muscular strengths and helps with proper postural balance, muscle alignment and core strength building.

pelvic exercise for pregnant women

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3. Cardiovascular Exercises

Kemen advises new mothers to start with light cardio to help boost their stability and strengthen their muscles. Starting with brisk walking is a pleasant idea for new moms, especially those who are new to working out to avoid jarring the knees and joints.

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Moms who have treadmills could start with walking and light jogging before evolving into full-fledged running on the treadmill. He also advises them to avoid cycling and lifting dumbbells.

Weightloss Tips For New Moms

4. Yoga

Yoga aids relaxation strengthens the core muscles and prevents back pains. While yoga is good for everyone, it is advisable for new moms, as it helps boost their mental, physical and spiritual balance and makes them in-tune with their inner self. This way, they are more equipped to deal with external pressure and the new baby.

Weightloss Tips For New Moms - yoga


5. Engage in simple pelvic exercises but avoid sit-ups

As the 5th Weightloss Tips For New Moms, Kemen advises new moms to try simple pelvic exercises like lying down or standing in comfortable positions. He also suggests squeezing and lifting their pelvic muscles but to generally avoid sit-ups as they make break the stitches on women who have undergone cesarean procedures or cause an injury since the body at this point is yet to fully heal.5 Quick Weightloss Tips For New Moms By Fitness Expert, Kemen 1

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