Have you ever stopped to think about how many times a day you make judgments about people, situations, or events? And sadly it’s a common habit that we all engage in.

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instance, when we meet someone, we tend to judge how they look and make assumptions about their lifestyle. As we scroll through social media, we decide whether or not we like people’s outfits, scrutinize their hairstyles and more we are all guilty of being judgmental at some point or another, and it’s a bad habit that can breed negativity. Being less judgmental can help us widen our horizons, gain new perspectives, and build healthier relationships.

Here are 5 effective ways to be less judgemental:

5 Effective Ways To Be Less Judgmental 1

Pay Attention to Your Thoughts

The first step to being less judgmental is to recognize that you’re doing it. Start paying more attention to your thoughts, so you can identify when you’re being judgmental.

Recognize Your Biases

Be aware of your own biases and cultural standards. Recognize that your own view of life is limited based on your own experiences. Remember that other people with different cultural, social, professional, religious, or ethnic backgrounds may not share the same views. Try to put yourself in their shoes and see things from their perspective.

Be Empathetic

Practice empathy and compassion for people, even if they look, think, dress, speak, or act differently than you do.

Think about how you have felt when someone formed an opinion of you that wasn’t accurate. Did you feel hurt, angry, upset, ashamed, embarrassed, or disappointed? Let those feelings guide you toward being more compassionate toward others.

Effective Ways To Be Less Judgmental

Expand Your Horizons

Make an effort to expand your horizons and expose yourself to new ideas and perspectives. Meet new people and talk to them about their lives. Experiment with different activities and try new foods. Read lots of books and watch informative content. Travel as much as you are able to.

Practice Positivity

With practice, you can develop a more positive mindset. If you catch yourself thinking something negative about something or someone, challenge yourself to see something positive in the situation instead.

You can also take a few minutes every night to list the good things that happened that day and be thankful for all the things you’re grateful for. You can choose to do this exercise by yourself in your mind. Or you can note it down in a journal or practice it with a loved one.


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