I always wanted to travel the world on an expense-paid trip, wake up one morning and hear Habibi come to Dubai, my love beckoning to spoil me with the baby girl treatment.

But in the meantime let’s keep working hard and know all we need to know about Dubai so we harness the opportunity when our beloved finally calls us.

Dubai’s reputation has been growing faster than its skyline, between its skyscrapers, luxury hotels, high-end restaurant, and top fun activities, there are numerous sites to fill your eyes every minute of the day. 

Here are five places to go to  if you decide to come to Dubai

Go on a desert tour:

Come to dubai

The desert is a must-visit and it’s just a stone’s throw away from Dubai, you can tour the desert with an SUV, quad bike, camel ride, or safari.

Begin by exploring the desert and get a glimpse of the harshness and intensity of the desert sands, later on, try dune bashing in a 4×4 land cruiser and sand boarding on the silky red- dunes, and then relax in a traditional Bedouin-style camp where you can ride a camel or participate in the henna painting.

Dubai Aquaventure Water Park:

Come to Dubai

Enjoy the splash of water in Dubai water park, the largest water park in the middle east. Ride through the dark and twisting anaconda water tunnel, take a trip on the rapids of a tidal river and plunge 27 meters down the leap of faith surrounded by sharks. 

Museum Of The Future:

Come to dubai

This building is one of the world’s most complex architectural structures. This unique space shows you the future other than history, discovering the unimaginable concepts of human augmentation and seeing how education, cities, energy, and transportation can be transformed in the future.

Dubai Marina:


Go on a yacht tour with your friends and cruise around Dubai seeing it’s highlights from the water. See the famous Jumeirah beach and pass through Burj Al Arab and enjoy your breakfast or barbecue on the board depending on your budget. Spend quality time networking also.

Visit Old Town, Creeks, Souks and Enjoy Street Food:

Come to Dubai

You can explore the streets of old Dubai, on a guided walking tour you can choose between a shared or private tour by visiting the coin museum where you would see ancient coins of Arabia and Dubai. Try delicious local food and drinks, and visit the historical quarter of Al Fahidi (Bastakiya) to learn the history of Dubai and UAE culture and religion. Take your time to shop and try out delicious street foods and local tea. 

EM readers, let’s go to Dubai!

Tell me what you look forward to experiencing in Dubai in the comment section


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