One of the many challenges fashion entrepreneurs face is how to drive traffic to their online fashion store. Setting up an online store for your fashion brand is a great method of driving more sales and increasing your engagement.

However, the success of your online store and your fashion brand as a whole depends on your ability to attract visitors. It is these visitors that are later converted to customers either by what they see or referrals. Learning how to drive more leads to your online fashion store can bring a lot of changes to your business outlook. Here are few ways you can boost traffic to your site:

  1. Use social media to boost your visibility

A large number of successful fashion brands today built their business through the power of social media. The digital space has provided a marketplace for everyone to shop regardless of your type of niche. Making yourself known on social media platforms is one of the cost-effective and fastest ways to drive leads to your site. By constantly interacting with people either through your posts, messages, you build a true sense of community that you can leverage on.

When you post images of your products alongside useful tips, your target audience finds those tips helpful, and they are driven to your site in a quest to learn more. Here are other ways to boost your social media visibility:

  • Choose the right platforms
  • Don’t over-promote
  • Address problems quickly; efficient customer service
  • Pin your most important posts
  • Use hashtags
  1. Offer value in exchange for contact information

Sending personalized messages is a recent strategy when it comes to getting your customers attention. A lot of consumers are used to ‘broadcast messages’ so much that when they see one, they don’t pay attention. A more creative way to send promotional messages to the target audience is through email marketing, and to do this, you need the email addresses of these consumers. How do you get these email addresses? Just provide value in exchange for their contact information. The more email addresses you collect, the better the chances of getting traffic to your online fashion store. Some of the values you can provide in exchange for information include:

  • A subscription to a monthly newsletter about your products
  • A fashion DIY e-book
  • Updates of upcoming events, discounts, product release
  1. Add your website address to all your promotional material

It is impossible to attract customers when they don’t know where to find you. A lot of small fashion brands make this mistake, and in the real sense, it leads to the loss of potential customers. It is very important to include your logo, contact information and web address on all your promotional materials. When people randomly come across these materials, they know where to go next. Also, you should always link your online fashion store to your social media accounts and your posts, blogs and email sign-up link.

  1. Paid Advertising

While all of the above methods can help you drive engagement to your site, combining all of these with paid social advertising increases the number of new customers. For this method, consider leveraging the power of social media influencers. These influencers already have a loyal audience and this can be a bonus to your business.

Also, asides from influencing, most social platforms offer a pay-per-click option. You can also create a sponsored post or promote an existing post on your Instagram account. Paid advertising is cost-effective, user-friendly and improves brand awareness.

  1. Hire a Social Media Consultant

A social media consultant stays up-to-date on the latest trends and also adjusts marketing strategies accordingly when needed. If you are always busy, you can consider hiring a social media manager to handle your business accounts for you. A social media consultant is a professional and their experience helps them to do the job better than you, generating positive results. They manage your account and also engage your followers in active conversations through trivia, question tags and other means keeping your brand in the social media spotlight.

Have you tried any of these strategies to boost traffic to your online fashion store? Let us know what’s worked for you!

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