“Where The Heck Is My Period?” is a powerful and poignant exploration of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), produced by Stephanie Coker Aderinokun, a multi talented visionary woman determined to make a difference. As a seasoned TV host and acclaimed actress, Stephanie Coker Aderinokun has captivated audiences with her talent and charisma for years. Now, she is leveraging her platform to raise awareness about PCOS and advocate for women’s health through her nonprofit organization, The Future Is Her. An organization she has dedicated to the education and early diagnosis of people living with PCOS. 

Driven by a mission to increase awareness, empower women, and amplify the voices of those affected, Stephanie Coker Aderinokun alongside other African women from different socioeconomic backgrounds bravely open up about their own experiences with PCOS, offering a raw and honest portrayal of the struggles they have faced. Their vulnerability and courage serve as a beacon of hope for women everywhere, inspiring them to seek support and take control of their health.

Through intimate interviews and personal narratives, the heartwarming masterpiece directed by Michael ‘Ama Psalmist’ Akinrogunde explores the challenges, triumphs, and resilience of these women as they navigate the complexities of the condition. It also aims to educate its audience on the life altering experiences such as menstrual irregularities, depression, anxiety, obesity, irregular hair growth, unexpected physical changes and even infertility are some of the challenges women living with PCOS have to face.

The producer, Stephanie Coker Aderinokun said “I’ve always been passionate about women’s health especially women living with PCOS but I wanted them to feel seen, loved, understood and supported. Taking the big step of being vulnerable enough to share my story publicly was a big step I was willing to take. Although nerve wracking. I’m glad I did it. 

This documentary is very dear to my heart and I decided to pour myself into this, not just by telling my story but also being a major part of the filmmaking process. Filming and producing this documentary was very emotional for me. Everytime I heard the stories of the women, I always felt a wave of emotions. While it was hard listening to their struggles, I’m happy I could find women who are willing to be vulnerable, be their authentic selves and support each other by telling our stories. 

I hope everyone that watches this documentary feels our heart in this. We put in so much. I hope every woman living with PCOS watches this and feels loved, seen and heard.” about the process of filming and producing the documentary. 

Through compelling narratives and expert insights from medical professionals featured in the documentary, “Where The Heck Is My Period?”, a production of SCA Studios educates viewers of all backgrounds about this common yet misunderstood health concern, dismantling stigmas and fostering empathy.

pcos - stephanie coker

Distributed by FilmOne Entertainment and Premiered at AFRIFF 2022, “Where the Heck Is My Period?” is a powerful and timely exploration of PCOS that aims to educate, inspire, and ignite conversations about women’s health. The documentary is set to reach an even broader audience as it is available for viewing on Friday, 15th of March, 2024 on Amazon Prime as the first licensed documentary in Nigeria. 

‘Ladun Awobukun, General Manager, The FilmOne Ltd said “Where The Heck Is My Period?” is a poignant reminder of some the challenges we face as women. It unravels the realities of what women are having to deal with daily. We at FilmHouse are excited to be a part of. We love when our stories are told in the most authentic way. It’s an honor to partner with Stephanie Coker Aderinokun. She has been courageous enough to not just tell her story but also tell the stories of women living with such a common but misunderstood health condition. It’s an incredible thing to do and we’re committed to supporting her every step of the way!” about being able to partner on the documentary. 

As it continues to spark conversations and inspire action, this groundbreaking documentary stands as a testament to the power of storytelling in creating positive social change.

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