The trend of digital entrepreneurship is gradually becoming a larger part of the current world, with so many people quitting their 9-5 jobs and starting their brands. However, with the increased influx of new entrepreneurs and businesses into the business world, several of these new owners lack the basic skills to be successful in an online business. The aim of this article is to discuss digital entrepreneurship and also explain five important digital skills for online entrepreneurs.

Digital entrepreneurship is majorly entrepreneurship opportunities that are created and pursued through the use of technological platforms and other information communication equipment. It includes everything different about entrepreneurship, as it incorporates new technologies into the world of entrepreneurship, some of which includes:

– New ways of creating surveys and market research before launching a business

– New ways of finding customers for entrepreneurial ventures

– New ways of generating revenue, increasing profitability, and also reduce operational costs

– New ways to collaborate with business partners, influencers and public relations personnel

– New sources of opportunity risk, and competitive advantage

After discussing digital entrepreneurship and new technologies, below are five digital skills that are important for online entrepreneurs to run a digital business:

1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the use of the internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines and other digital channels to reach consumers. As a new digital entrepreneur, learning the basics of digital marketing is very important to the success of your business. The proper use of online channels and SEO, to promote your business will determine how your target audience will find your business online. It is a broad type of marketing and it consists of some competencies such as inbound marketing, SEO, pay-per-click, affiliate marketing, email marketing and social media marketing. Here are some benefits of digital marketing:

– With digital marketing, you can reach your target audience, even from the comfort of your home

– it increases customer loyalty as you communicate with them frequently

– The sales funnel created engages the customers at every buying stage

– It helps you generate a consistent lead pipeline

– Optimize and obtain better conversion rates

2. Graphic Design

As a new business owner, it is expected that you don’t have many funds to spend on the best graphic designers. Learning the foundation of graphic design helps you produce attractive and simple designs that help you stand out from the crowd. Your designs should be kept simple whilst displaying your brand colours. Learning how to handle basic design tools like Canva, Photoshop and InDesign will save you a lot of money over the long run. Benefits of graphic design to your brand include:

– It delivers the first impression of your brand to your audience

– High-quality visuals increase viewer interaction and engagement

– It strengthens your brand as it defines your brand identity

– Higher conversions, effective communication and brand recognition

3. Basic Video Editing

The art of creating simple videos that provide detailed information about a brand’s event either a sales discount or new arrivals is a useful skill for digital entrepreneurs. Being able to film, edit and present video on your website and social media channels is a massive marketing advantage. Other benefits include;

– It boosts productivity

– With appealing videos, it boosts conversion rates

– It is efficient, time-saving and economical

4. Copywriting

Copywriting is the act of writing persuasive marketing and promotional materials. In this case, the product is called sales copy, and it increases brand awareness which in turn persuades people to take action with a call-to-action line. It also:

– Generate a persuasive copy

– It ensures all your content is based on your niche

– It creates value-driven content

– It reinforces your branding

5. Gmail

Emails are one of the formal ways of communicating especially between business partners, investors, influencers and other creatives. The ability to create error-free emails, and communicate effectively is a compulsory skill for online entrepreneurs. When you can use Gmail to its fullest, you would be able to stay organized, and on top of administrative tasks.

The difference between online and offline entrepreneurship is not the amount of work to be done, but the skills involved. When you learn these basic Digital Skills For Online Entrepreneurs, you help your business and also save some money.


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