Leggings have crossed over from being gym clothes to being a part of our daily wardrobes. We have the likes of Rhianna, Kim Kardashian, and Beyonce to thank for that. The leggings trend offers versatility when it comes to styling. You can wear a pair of leggings for work, for lunch with your girlies and to the gym. Moreover, leggings are comfortable. Thus, giving you the opportunity to be stylish and at ease. Leggings are a proper winning team.

So the question is how do you style your leggings?? How do you a pair of leggings to transition from your office to date night with Bae and other events?? Here are a few ideas to help.

Leggings as Office Wear:

All leggings are not appropriate for work. Bright coloured and transparent leggings are not suitable for the office environment. A pair of leggings that are dark coloured and opaque (not see-through) will look great for work.

Leggings as Office Wear

Style your leggings with a Blazer to give it an air of professionalism, as we did here. Don’t forget to accessorise your look with pops of colour.

Leggings for Date Night:

Leggings for Date Night:

They can look great for date night with Bae. Pick tight tops to go with your leggings to give a sexy look. Also, a pair of stiletto heels will bring out your inner Baddie/Diva. We paired the leggings with a flowery corset top to give the right amount of sexy.

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Leggings for Laid Back Look:

Leggings for Laid Back Look

Leggings and Denim Jacket go together like white on rice. It’s a winning style combination. Add your trusty sneakers, cat-eye sunglasses and you have a look that is dripping with swag.

Leggings for Gym:

Leggings for Gym

Leggings are most at home at the gym, considering that was why it was created. Your gym trainers, a face cap, a water bottle and you’re ready to pump iron.


There you have it; a few tips to help you get as much wear as you can from your leggings.

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