The rainy season comes with its perks as well as its ills. The calm that comes with listening to the rain, sipping tea, and reading your favorite book is a plus. However, going out can be a blur. Traffic is generally worse and there’s just so much water everywhere. You also have the cold to contend with. Without a doubt, the rainy season is perfect for being indoors. Since we cannot stay indoors always, we must find a way to make it work. Acing your style for the rainy season is one way to own the weather. You want to stay warm and look good while you’re at it? Here are some tips to get you going:

  • Jackets and Coats

Style Inspiration: Dressing for the Rainy Season 1

One of the most important things to always have is a jacket. In the rainy season, it goes from being just a fashion or style piece to a necessity all by itself. Rocking jackets and coats help you stay warm while still looking fabulous. Think leather jackets, wool jackets, or coats, and you will love how you look and feel when it rains.


  • Turtlenecks, Sweaters, and Scarfs

Style Inspiration: Dressing for the Rainy Season 2The cold can be a bother. To curb its effect, rock turtlenecks, sweaters, and scarfs – not together, however. Usually, incorporating one of these into your outfit would add a glint of style to it and keep your chest covered.

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  • Boots/ Sandals

Rainy Season

Rain boots are great for protecting your feet from puddles. Sandals are also very comfortable for your rainy season street fashion. Keep them simple and easy to wear. Also avoid really high boots if you’re going to be walking on wet surfaces.


  • Waterproof Handbags and Wallets

Style Inspiration: Dressing for the Rainy Season 3

There is nothing like being able to protect your items while you look good. Waterproof bags are a fashion plus! Not only do they keep the rain out, they are also very easy to move around with. Pair a see-through waterproof bag with your ensemble and you would look flawlessly glam.


  • Keep it dark

Style Inspiration: Dressing for the Rainy Season 4

A challenge with the season is that even with an umbrella, you still stand the risk of rain splashing over you. It could be as short as the distance between your car and your office but wearing the wrong thing can leave you embarrassed and unclad in no time. Specifically, avoid transparent materials or white clothes because you don’t want the rain to leave you looking naked whenever you get wet. Hence, wear darker shades. For an extra edge, add a pop of colour to completely steal the show.

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