YEMI ALADE has been in the picture and industry for quite a while before coming to lime light. Her voice is just as beautiful and ‘diva-ISH’ as the world takes her to be. Few of the many things that make her stand out is her ability to pitch and reach the octave of any song and her physical representation of Africa which makes her also known as ‘MAMA AFRICA’ or ‘JOHNNY’ (loved by all and sundry including children). Yemi Alade who has also graced the EM cover is a fantastic artist that has stood and still standing tall amongst her peers taking her to international boundaries for collaborations and performances. Everything about Yemi is just fantastic; by the way did you know she speaks fluently in over 4 languages? We anticipate nothing better this year from you mama Africa.

RIHANNA is absolutely mind blowing. Regardless of her physical body statement the innocence on her face can no doubt captivate your soul just as her voice will. Every release of this young lady is always a hit back to back. Am sure you remember “umbrella” and even the still trending “…”. Rihanna has her unique style comfortable for her but it’s amazing how she blends it in. I also see her as a trend setter and am sure you will agree with me in this context. Weldon Rihanna, we also are expecting positive gist and awesome releases this year.


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