It’s official! Doja Cat is the clear winner of the Paris Fashion Week.

 Ummm…it actually  only took 30k Swarovski crystals, red body paint, a curly moustache and a crystal bra to seal it.

The 26 year old singer whose real name is Amalia Dlamin did turn a good number of heads as she wore a series of wild ensembles that couldn’t exactly be worn down the supermarket. 

The most striking of all was her Schiaparelli look which she wore on Monday, which saw her covered in head-to-toe red body paint.

Doha cat for Paris fashion fashion week

Then next was the light brown striped suit she wore with an unusual make up look that transformed her to a man.

Paris Fashion Week! Doja Cat Rocks 4 Shocking Looks 1

Let’s not forget this entirely black themed outfit where she looked every inch a dark temptress.

Dona cat in Paris fashion week

Finally we see her rock this blue outfit with a cinched belt giving her the tiny waist definition.

Paris Fashion Week! Doja Cat Rocks 4 Shocking Looks 2

Which of her Paris fashion week looks are you feeling?

All? None?

Let us hear your feedbacks!

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