Fashion brand James Johnson Clothing has dived into their creative
archive to return with a new collection for men titled Regal after a
long hiatus.

The collection gives the perfect African experience using their premium
products; beautifully designed, ethically made and crafted to suit the
exquisite style of the James Johnson man.

Regal collection connotes Royalty, Dignity and Nobility. It features
unconventional designs with superb finishing created for the man with
extreme panache.

According to the creative director Femi Odusoga, “Regal exudes the
vibe of a modern African prince who has seen the world but his heart
still resonates with his roots and heritage. The Regal collection
amplifies and pays homage to various Nigerian traditional culture and
heritage, as well as African influences as a whole. It features our
signature hats fitting for every ceremonial event or occasion. Each hat,
intricately beaded and stoned, tells a unique story and gives expression
to the designer’s creative thought process.”

Designs: @jamesjohnsonclothing
Muse: @nelsonallisonofficial @officialtobagold
Publicist: @moafricapr

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